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Bees are Our Friends

My 3.5 year old LOVES bees. He likes reading about them, talking about them and watching them. Lucky for him, our yard attracts a ton! One of my favorite plants is lavender. We planted a small pot a few years ago at the front of our house and now it is HUGE! When it blooms, it's a constant bee party. Over the last couple years we've added more and more lavender to the backyard. We love it and it's good for the bees - a win win. My son loves to sit in front of the plants and watch all the bees come and go, busily doing their jobs.

Since he's really shown interest in learning more about bees, I was looking online for some fun bee activities to combine with the recent library books we got. I found a fun guide called "The Inside Buzz" from the Whole Kids Foundation. You can find it here. The guide will be perfect for some at home activities this week.

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