Nanny in Bellevue

A family in Southeast Bellevue is looking for a long-term nanny for their three children. Their last nanny was with them for 2 years and prior to that their nanny was with them for 5 years. Pre-COVID, their older kids were in school and the youngest was in full day preschool. They describe themselves as an easy-going and loving family. Their ideal nanny is punctual, responsible, reliable, flexible, patient, and kind. The family prefers nanny who lives near SE Bellevue/ Issaquah. This position requires the candidate to have a yearly flu shot. They describe their daughter as very easy (naps daily) and the boys as very mature and independent. The nanny would need to have her own safe vehicle for transporting the children to/from school and activities.

SE Bellevue (near Issaquah)// 3 children (2 y/o girl, 7 y/o boy + 10 y/o boy)// $21-25/hour// 4 days per week// Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:45AM – 4:45PM (with some flexibility), 32 hours per week// guaranteed hours, mileage reimbursement, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid Federal holidays// no pets in the home


To apply for this position, send your resume to “Bellevue Nanny” in the subject.



Super Nanny/Household Manager Needed for Toddler - position currently on hold


This lovely return West Coast Nannies family is looking for a long-term nanny to work in conjunction with their other childcare support team, as their nanny has retired. Someone who is patient, professional and experienced would be the best fit for this family. This family seeks to provide a comfortable working atmosphere and want their nanny to become part of the family. Their daughter is sweet, calm, quiet, and loves to learn through play. She attends preschool 4 days/week in the morning and has an hour of rest time per day. She is in extracurricular activities, so outings are part of the routine. This family values socialization for their daughter, so there are play dates at the house as well. This family is experienced with employing nannies, as they currently employ two other nannies. Communication and teamwork with the other nannies is important as well. The nanny would travel between the families two homes (one in Bellevue: Bridle Trails and one on Mercer Island). Their home is multi-lingual, so a nanny with the ability to speak Portuguese fluently is highly desirable.


Responsibilities include: childcare, transportation, grocery shopping, meal prep/cooking, laundry, light housekeeping (cleaners come 1x/week), family calendar management (communicating with parents and other nannies), household management and occasional errands.


Bellevue (Bridle Trails)// 1 girl, 4.5 years old// $33 per hour// 7AM – 3PM, 40 hours a week// Monday - Friday// guaranteed hours, paid holidays, paid sick leave, paid vacation (2 weeks/year increasing to 3 weeks/year after 3 years), health insurance contribution// vehicle provided for on the job use// 2 cats and 1 small dog in the home


To apply for this position, send your resume to Mention ‘Super Nanny’ in the subject.




Short-Term Nanny Needed in Newcastle

This repeat West Coast Nannies family is seeking a short-term nanny for their two young kids who are 4 and 7 years old. The loved their last nanny, who was with them for about a year before the family left town. The parents describe themselves as laid back and go with the flow. The kids love to go to the park, play with blocks + cars, ride their bikes/scooters, play board games, bake and play with Playdoh. Mom is due with their third child in late July, which is a planned home birth. They would like to have the nanny available to care for the older children at this time.  Their ideal nanny is calm, flexible, patient and has some nanny experience. The nanny would mainly be caring for the older children. Mom will be home most of the time, especially after having the baby, so someone who is comfortable interacting with her is a must. Dad is an athlete, so his work situation is a bit unique. He is typically out of the house for most of the day, or coming and going. Mom would like the nanny to come in the morning and leave in the afternoon once Dad is home. The family plans to move out of state in August, so they would appreciate the nanny to be willing to travel with them then, to help with the move and flying with the kids. This is a short-term position (contract will end mid to late August).


Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, transportation, and light housekeeping (laundry, dishes, straightening up)


Newcastle// 2 kids: 4 y/o boy + 7 y/o girl// $25- $35/hour// full-time, morning - afternoon// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, mileage reimbursement, 1 day of paid vacation per month, paid Federal holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle/driving required// one dog + one cat in the home

FT Nanny/Household Manager Needed in Bellevue

A busy family of four is seeking a full-time nanny/household manager. Someone that is passionate about what they do and sees herself as a career nanny would be the best fit. Their children are currently 2 and 6 years old. Pre-Covid, their older son was in full day school. He enjoys playing outside on his bike, playing with the dogs, puzzles, games and hanging out with his little brother. Their younger son also did classes (gymnastics, soccer, swim) and is a chill toddler who enjoys eating, playing and cuddles. The family describes themselves as: active, fun, nice, easy-going, relaxed, and a family that enjoy structure or routine. Their ideal nanny is: a career nanny, happy, easy-going, clean, likes to cook, and has experience with toddlers. Someone that can travel with them to their vacation home in Palm Springs (all expenses paid) is required once normal travel activities resume. The family runs their business from their home, so Mom, Dad and their two employees work from separate offices in the home. They are kept very busy, so full autonomy is given to the nanny! They live in a very large house, so there is lots of room for everyone to spread out and go about their own routine. Their current nanny been with them for almost two years and the one before was with them for over four years. They would love to develop another long-term family like relationship with this new nanny.


Bellevue (Bridle Trails)// 2 boys, 2+ 6 years old// 7:00AM – 4:30PM (45 hours/week)// Monday – Friday// travel opportunity, guaranteed hours, overtime, taxes withheld, accrued PTO, paid holidays, nanny credit card for expenses, family will provide vehicle to use on the job (SUV)// two dogs in the home

Nanny Needed for Two Kids

This new to Washington family is seeking a short-term nanny to care for their two children. They are moving to Bellevue this weekend and would love someone to start ASAP. They describe themselves as a go with the flow, kind and considerate family. They encourage the children going for walks, playing outside, going to the library and the park. Their ideal nanny is kind, calm, clean and has some training in early child development. They describe their kids as fun and loving and they encourage their child to speak in kind words. The 4 year old goes to preschool. He naps once in the afternoon and the baby is on a three naps a day schedule. Their kids were previously being watched by the grandparents, but they have gone home now, so the parents are looking forward to building a relationship with a great nanny. They are seeking a three month contract, with the option to possible extend in a 3 month increment if both parties desire.

Bellevue (Factoria)// ASAP// 2 children: 4 years old + 6 months old// $22-25/hour// Monday – Friday// 8:30AM – 4:30PM, 40 hours/week// mileage reimbursement, guaranteed hours, paid sick, vacation, holidays, health insurance stipend ($100/month)// nanny must have vehicle to use on the job// no pets in the home

FT Short-Term Nanny Needed – great benefits for a temporary position!

A family in Sammamish is looking for a great full-time temporary nanny to care for their 6 month old boy. Their baby is curious, active and happy. He loves attention, going outside when the weather is nice, and is very interested in other people. He loves to play, smile, and he isn’t very fussy during the day. Their ideal nanny has child related education, infant care experience and will work to engage their baby with age appropriate activities. The family describes themselves as go with the flow. They like to follow baby’s cues throughout the day, with following a loose routine. The mother will be at home cooking, cleaning and doing other household tasks while the nanny cares for the baby. This will be a three month contract, until approximately June 2020, when Grandma (mother’s mom) will be coming to help out the family. There is some possibility of extending the contract (upon mutual agreement) if the mother’s travel plans were delayed.

Sammamish// starting ASAP// 1 boy: 6 months old// $25/hour// 9AM - 6PM, with a one hour lunch break (40 hours/week)// Monday – Friday// guaranteed hours, one paid vacation day per month// paid Federal holidays during the contract// 2 paid sick days per month// $200 health insurance stipend per month// no driving required// no pets in home

FT Nanny Needed in Issaquah

These easy to talk to and laid-back to parents are seeking a long-term nanny to care for their three children. The family encourages daily outings in the Issaquah/Sammamish area, and they are right at Lake Sammamish, with private beach access. There are lots of playgrounds, parks, libraries, and activities to visit locally. At home, there is lots of space to play, toys to use, and activities to do (arts + crafts, sensory items, stickers, ect). A nanny that really understands how to engage and stimulate the children and loves to get down on the floor and play with them would be the best fit. Their “perfect” nanny would be: kind, patient, super energetic, comfortable around water, and has experience with these ages. A nanny that understands how to create smooth transition times between the nanny and parent time would be optimal. This family would prefer someone that lives close to Issaquah. Their 6 y/o is in full- time kindergarten, but has early release every Wednesday. Their 4 y/o is in preschool Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for a half day. The majority of the time, the nanny would be with the youngest two. The kids attend the same school, which is less than 5 minutes from their house. The family provides a vehicle for the nanny to use in transporting the kids. The only time our nanny has all three children is when she brings them home from school, and from 1:30 on, on Wednesdays. 


Issaquah (right off I90)// as soon as the right fit is found// 3 children: 6, 4 + 2 years old// $23-25/hour// Monday – Friday// 8:30AM – 4PM, 37.5 hours/week// mileage reimbursement, guaranteed hours, paid sick, vacation, holidays// vehicle provided// no pets in the home

Full-time Nanny in Magnolia 

A family in Magnolia is looking for a wonderful nanny to join their family. Someone loving, energetic, responsible, reliable and fun would be a great fit for this family. They describe themselves as a mix between laid-back and planners. They value open communication, punctuality and are always up for hearing a nanny’s suggestions and ideas. Their son will be staying in his full-time preschool program that he loves and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, so the nanny will be responsible for just the baby the majority of the time. The family encourages outings to the park, library, toddler gym, etc. They would love someone that wants to stay long-term. The nanny must have all vaccines up to date including flu shot.


Magnolia//3 month old girl + 4.5 year old boy// up to $27/hour for one child, $30/hour for two DOE// 5 days per week, Monday – Friday// 8:15AM – 5:15PM, 45 hours per week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid Federal holidays// two cats in the home


Nanny Needed for Twins + Toddler

This lovely family is looking for a nanny to care for their infant twins and toddler. The parents describe themselves as fun and laid-back. Their son is fun and polite. He loves Legos, cars and monster trucks. The babies are super sweet and follow a loose routine at the moment. A nanny that is energetic, fun (but firm), and patient would be the best fit for their family. Someone with twin experience would be a big plus! The family encourages outings and also lives in a great neighborhood with lots of parks and beautiful trails within walking distance. There are also lots of stay at home caregivers in the neighborhood for support and playdates. Their son will be enrolling in preschool, so the nanny would be responsible for pickup/drop off once he starts. They would also love if the nanny was willing to babysit on the weekends or evenings for dates. This position will start as four days per week (34 hours), then ramp up to five days per week (40+ hours) later in the year.


Renton (near Petrovitsky Park)// boy-girl twins (will be 4.5 months old at start) + 4 year old boy// $20/hour// 4-5 days per week, between Monday – Friday// 7AM – 3:30PM, 34-40+ hours per week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid Federal holidays// family can provide a vehicle to use on the job// two cats in the home

Nanny Needed in Sammamish

A family in Sammamish is seeking an experienced and loving nanny for their two sweet kids. Their ideal nanny is someone that has experience with infants and toddlers. Someone who will play with their daughter, stretch her imagination and come up with fun things for her to do would be ideal. A nanny that is loving, gentle and intuitively knows how to care for their newborn is also key. Mom works at home for a non-profit and Dad is a professional athlete. The family is routine orientated and like to have as much stability as possible because they do travel a lot. They enjoy being very hands on, playing with the children and like to provide as many learning opportunities as possible. The family values teaching their kids manners, sharing, and being kind to others. Their daughter is a sweet girly girl who loves to have tea parties, play at her kitchen and read stories. She is pretty sensitive and gets overwhelmed with too much activity, so she thrives on a routine. She naps daily for about 2 hours. Their son is only 2 weeks old, but so far he is easy-going and sleeps a lot. Mom will be around to care for baby, so the nanny’s main focus will be on the toddler. This is a short-term position (contract will end in February). There is potential to continue past February if both parties are interested and the nanny is open to traveling to their other home base. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping.


Sammamish//newborn boy + 2 y/o girl//$25-30 per hour//Monday, Wednesday, Friday + occasional date night//8 or 9am - 3 or 4pm//guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid Federal holidays, paid sick leave//no driving/vehicle not required//one dog (French bulldog) in the home

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