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Housekeeper in Seattle


This busy family of four is seeking a housekeeper capable of performing daily housekeeping duties at a large estate. As the family transitions from a large home in Madison Park to a waterfront estate this fall, the ideal candidate should be willing to assist with packing, unpacking, and organizing the home. As the home doubles in size (10,000 sq. ft.), ensuring cleaning consistency will become even more crucial. Their ideal household employee has an easy personality, shows up, and is solid at their job. The same team of ladies has been responsible for cleaning the current house for years. However, with an upcoming move to a larger estate, they’re seeking one individual who can become intimately acquainted with the new home and establish a consistent cleaning system. Responsibilities would include daily housekeeping, laundry and organization as needed. The housekeeper must be comfortable working while both primary occupants are home. The family is easy-going, kind, and generous. Their current house manager/nanny has been with them for 5 years and speaks very highly of the family. She describes the family as very nice and easy going. 


Seattle// starting as soon as right fit is found// Wage: DOE// Days/Hours: The days and hours are flexible between Monday – Friday. The employee could come either every day, or every other day. About 5 hours per shift, around 25-30 hours/week *the family could potentially offer full-time hours for the right fit// Benefits: guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// Vehicle/Driving required: no// Covid vaccine required: no

To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention “Housekeeper ” in the subject.

Chef in Seattle


This busy family of four is seeking assistance from a part-time chef. This responsibility would mostly be for meal prep, weekday lunches (Monday – Friday) and a few dinners per week. There are no dietary restrictions – they eat a little bit of everything. Their children have a good food pallet as well. Steak on the grill is a favorite. Someone that has some experience with Asian/Chinese food, would be nice but not a deal breaker. For experience level, they would prefer someone with chef experience in private homes. Wage DOE and hours flexible. They currently live in Magnolia and will be moving in the Fall to Madison Park. The family is easy-going, kind, and generous. Their current house manager/nanny has been with them for 5 years and speaks very highly of the family.


Seattle// starting as soon as right fit is found// Wage: starting at $60/hour (family will cover cost of groceries)// Days/Hours: The days and hours are flexible between Monday – Friday// guaranteed hours// Vehicle/Driving required: no// Covid vaccine required: no


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention “Chef” in the subject.

Nanny in Issaquah - currently pending


This Issaquah family is seeking a part-time nanny for their toddler. Care is mainly for the 3.5 year old daughter, as the three older children (6, 8 and 10 years old) are in school. The nanny would also assist with transportation for school drop off and pick ups. The 10 year old is into parkour and video games. The 8 year old likes wrestling, stuffed animals and video games. The 6 year old likes dance, art, using her creativity and building things. The 3 year old is into dolls, pretend play and cartoons. She takes a nap around 12-2PM each day. The three older children will be in summer camps during the school break. Their general school day routine is wake up at 7:30PM, drop off at school at 9AM, care focused on toddler, pick up at school at 3:45PM, then after school snacks, playtime, and dinner around 6-7PM. Pre-bedtime routine at 8:30PM and then bedtime at 9:30PM. They are consistent with routine but also go with the flow. The children enjoy playing at the park, swimming, playing at beach (close by) and having picnics/BBQs. Their ideal nanny is someone who enjoys achieving and who is willing to support the growth and development of their family. A nanny open to helping with groceries and cooking/meal prep would be ideal. Responsibilities include childcare, cooking/meal prep, children’s laundry, transportation, and light housekeeping.


Issaquah// starting April or May 2024// 4 children// Wage: negotiable, DOE// Days/Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every other weekend. Every week: Monday 10 hours (7:30am - 5:30pm), Tuesday 10 hours (7:30am - 5:30pm), Wednesday 5 hours (7:30am - 12:30). Every other weekend: Saturday 10 hours (7:30am - 5:30pm), Sunday 10 hours (7:30am - 5:30pm) **Family has flexibility on the hours, if shorter days or less weekend time would be desirable to candidate// Benefits: guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// Nanny Vehicle/Driving required: yes// Covid vaccine required: no// Pets in home: no pets in the home

To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Issaquah Nanny’ in the subject.

Nanny in Woodinville


This sweet family is seeking nanny for their three children. They have 1.5 y/o (boy/girl) twins and a 4 year old boy. Care is primarily for the twins, as the toddler is in school Monday – Thursday from 8AM – 1PM. The twins currently nap mid-day for about two hours. Their daughter is a great mix of sweetness and feistiness. She is very verbal for her age and will tell you what is on her mind all day.  She loves being silly and loves reading books in your lap and then “by myself.” Their younger son is a big teddy bear. He loves hugs and is very good at entertaining himself independently, whether it’s listening to his music box or making food in their play kitchen. Their eldest is in a very imaginative stage and loves reading, stories, and pretending to be his favorite characters/animals. He likes to play outside and loves learning new things. A typical day includes getting ready for the day, mealtime, play time, activities and walks. The parents use a gentle parenting approach with clear and strict boundaries, especially around physical and emotional safety. They try to be really silly and joyful with their children and believe that children learn best through play. They are more routine oriented as they have found that works best for the kids at their current ages. The parents understand the immense importance of a nanny’s role in helping them raise their children and will reflect that value in how the nanny is treated in their home. They are kind, professional, and collaborative. Their ideal nanny is experienced and professional, with a background in caring for multiple children (and a bonus if they have cared for multiples before). They want someone who is invested in their children’s development and can be creative in engaging them with activities to help them learn and grow. Most importantly, they want to feel that their children are safe and loved. The family has a large yard that the kids love to play in, and they live near a nature preserve that is great for going on walks.  The parents also value active play inside and love to see their nanny actively playing with the kids. A background in early childhood education is an added bonus. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep/planning, children’s laundry, pet care, and light housekeeping related to children.

Woodinville// start date: flexible/when right fit is found// 3 children// $34/hour// weekdays + dates nights If interested, approx. 100 hours per month (For approximately three weeks per month, Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-12:30PM (4 hours) & For approximately one week per month, Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-4:30/5PM (8-8.5 hours) - for the right candidate, they could offer a consistent schedule and not have the longer weeks 1x/month// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle required to get to work/no on the job driving required// one friendly 25lb dog in the home// Covid vaccine required: yes


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Woodinville Nanny’ in the subject.




Family Assistant/Nanny in Magnolia

This wonderful repeat West Coast Nannies family is seeking a part-time family assistant/nanny. Their most recently placed nanny was with them for four years. They look forward to welcoming a new nanny into their home and creating another great relationship. The family’s needs have changed, and Mom and Dad have new jobs. They need support around the home, plus coverage in the afternoons for pickup and childcare. This role is primarily household management with afterschool driving/care. During the summer it might be a bit more fluid with coverage gaps or camps ending at different times. Their son is 9 years old. He loves sports, reading, video games, any games, playing with friends. Their daughter is 4 years old. She loves coloring, going on adventures, parks, kid games, helping around the house. They both enjoy going to the park and going on walks. The children are in school full time and then both attend aftercare. During the summer, their daughter will to be part of a full-time nanny share and their son will be in camps. Summer is a bit more child oriented, but during the school year there is only an hour of child-oriented time. They are a fun and busy family. Both parents work and the children have full schedules as well. They have a routine and keep a tight schedule, but they expect the unexpected. They encourage their children to be kind and respectful. The parents describe themselves as kind, fun, thoughtful, and they truly strive to be a fair and dependable employer. They keep in touch with past nannies, and they are great friends of the family. They highly value reliability and communication. Their ideal nanny is reliable, self-starter, professional, loves kids and having fun. Responsibilities include childcare (pick up from camp, driving to and from sports, fill in care as needed, some driving to activities during the school year), child meal prep (prepping lunches for the next day), Family meal prep/grocery shopping/planning, family laundry, light housekeeping, calendar management, transportation, errands. They would also love to have some help with organizing the home (e.g. sorting old kids clothes, helping decorate) – as time allows. Note: Their most recent nanny (placed by West Coast Nannies) is happy to be a family reference.


Seattle (Magnolia)// Start Date: May or June 2024// Kids: 2 children// Wage: up to $38/hour// Days/Hours: 20-25 hours/week. The schedule could be 5 days (25 hours) or 4 days (20 hours) – leaving Friday out. 12/12:30PM – 5/5:30PM// Benefits: guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, health stipend// Nanny Vehicle/Driving required: yes// Covid vaccine required: yes// Pets in home: 2 cats in the home


Temporary Nanny on Bainbridge Island


This family of four is seeking a temporary nanny for their toddler while their current nanny is on vacation. Their son is so sweet and smiley. Right now, he loves cars/trucks, food and music. He naps once per day at around 10am. They also have an older son, who attends 1st grade. He also loves music and loves to be outside to play in the dirt. He’s a jokester and enjoys making people laugh and smile. The nanny will primarily be caring for their toddler. There will be rare days when the nanny would also care for the older child if he were home from school and the parents are not able to take the day off. In the summer he will be in camps. The parents believe in "whole brain" children. They feel it’s important to explain things to their children, let them try to do things for themselves and give them room to make mistakes and grow. They strive to always be kind, understanding and above all else loving. They believe in lots of hugs and kisses and telling each other they love one another. They believe in setting clear limits and giving their oldest "time to think" if he cannot settle down or take direction when asked repeatedly. They describe themselves as very patient and understanding parents who try to give their children options instead of dictating to them. They explain decisions to them and use natural consequences instead of artificial punishment. While they appreciate the children will have high energy, being gentle, calm, and working on patience skills is always reenforced. Their ideal nanny is very patient, kind and has experience with this age group. Someone who can give direction while maintaining a calm demeanor is key. They want someone who will love their children unconditionally and help them grow, through play-based activities. Someone who will be engaged with their toddler including activities such as reading, playing outside, playing with his toys, etc. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep (light snack prep), children’s laundry, and light housekeeping (related to the children only).


Bainbridge Island (North End of Island, 5 mins south of Fay Bainbridge Park)// Start Date: May 28th, 2024// End Date: July 31st, 2024// Kids: 1 boy, 19 months old (turns 2y/o in August)// Wage: $35/hour// Days/Hours: Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM – 3:45PM, 33 hours/week// Benefits: guaranteed hours (33), paid holidays, paid sick leave// Nanny Vehicle/Driving required: nanny vehicle required to get to work, no on the job driving required// Pets in home: one dog in the home

Part-Time Housekeeper in Seattle


This Phinney Ridge family is seeking part-time assistance in maintaining their home. This position does not require any childcare. Their ideal housekeeper could come for a couple of hours every weekday to help them keep general tidiness as well as rotate through the necessary cleaning tasks, both frequent and less frequent needs.  Someone who is a self-starter, who can learn their needs and then go execute them would be the best fit. 


General Routine:

  • 1x week: general all around clean: tidying, clean kitchen, bathrooms, dust, vacuum, sweep/mop (this generally takes 3-4hrs)

  • 3 loads laundry per week (includes bedsheets/towels)

  • Daily: dishes and wipe down counters, etc.

  • As needed: rotate through other tasks: clean windows, blinds, floorboards, walls, cupboards/cupboard doors, refrigerator, stove/range hood, more refined organizing, etc. 

  • Cleaning/dusting around large houseplant collection 

  • Goal is to move toward 2x weekly vacuuming, sweep/mop, and a second wipe down of counters, sinks, etc.


The family describes themselves as friendly and easy-going.  They value good communication and understand that constructive, timely feedback (in all directions) is key to good relationships. They have high expectations, but are welcoming, trusting, and generous to people who they know are genuinely trying to meet those expectations. They are optimists and love helping people be successful and inspired. Their ideal candidate is someone who can take general direction/feedback and run with it, who, after some initial discussions & coaching, doesn’t need to be “micro managed” with specific lists of daily tasks - a self-starter who will identify what needs to be done and do it with regular check-ins, rather than waiting to be told specifics of every task each time.  Questions/feedback is good, but someone that can make day-to-day decisions independently is key. They would love to form a long-term relationship as they foresee needing someone for the next 5+ years. Right now, the family is focused on cleaning/housekeeping type tasks, but there is potential for future expansion to occasional errands/ walking the dog. Responsibilities include: household laundry, light housekeeping, and deep cleaning.


Phinney Ridge, Seattle// kids: 12 y/o child (arrives home after school) – no childcare required// $35-$40/hour// Hours: approx. 10-12 hours/week, Monday – Friday: ideally between the hours of 7am & 2:30pm, spread across 4-5 days/week, employee has flexibility to choose hours and days within those parameters// taxes withheld, guaranteed hours, paid time off// driving not required// one dog (King Charles Cavalier)// Covid vaccine required: Yes

Full-time Nanny in Bellevue


This Bellevue family is seeking a full-time nanny/household assistant for their three children. Their daughter is 7.5 years old and their sons are 5.5 years old and 3.5 years old. Their oldest is very athletic and has been doing a lot of different sports (so she has very busy schedule every day). Their middle child has less activities, but also a full day. He is very sweet and loves superheroes. Their youngest also enjoys some daily activities. He is always smiling. His favorite play is fireman themed. They all have very consistent routines and a full schedule of different activities every day. A typical day includes playing with the children, driving to activities, going outside, helping with homework, and reading. The parents describe themselves as fair, reliable, sincere, and understanding. The children enjoy developing deep relationships with their caregivers as time goes on. The parent’s priorities are the children’s safety and health, then their merits, and all-round developments. Their ideal nanny is easygoing, mild tempered, hardworking, willing to help with housework errands, patient, energetic, nurturing, and a good driver. Someone who is a good cook is a bonus. Candidates with an associate degree or higher are preferred. This position is a combination of childcare and household tasks. Responsibilities include childcare, household laundry and ironing, taking trash out, cleaning kitchen, transportation, errands, and housekeeping.


Northwest Bellevue//three children// $38+/hour DOE// approx. 40 hours/week. 5 days per week. An ideal schedule would be late afternoon to evenings on weekdays and full days on the weekend. Shifts would end around 8:30PM// guaranteed hours, paid time off// driving required// no pets// Covid vaccine required: No

Part-time Nanny in Seattle

This Wallingford family is seeking a part-time nanny for their 10 months old. Their son is a very active baby. He’s always wanting to crawl around, climb on things, and just generally explore. He loves being outside and loves music. He’s a social baby, loving to smile and play peek-a-boo. He sleeps well and currently naps twice a day. The parents aim to provide a loving and supportive environment for their son to explore and grow. As he gets older, they want him to feel empowered to experiment with being independent knowing that they’ll be there for him if he needs. They want to teach him to be curious, skeptical, optimistic, kind, and hard-working. They also want to expose him to a wide variety of experiences, cultures, places, foods, etc to develop an open-minded and empathetic viewpoint. The parents describe themselves as engaged and enthusiastic, and looking for someone they can collaborate with rather than try to micromanage. They’re communicative and friendly. Responsibilities include: childcare, meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping.Their ideal nanny is:

  • Active - someone who can keep up with him and give him outlets for his enthusiasm.

  • Knowledgeable - someone who knows about child development/education, and generally takes an evidence-based approach to the world.

  • Friendly – the parents will be around, have family in town often, and have a dog, so someone who’s friendly and casual would be great.

  • Responsible - someone who’s responsible and dependable.

  • Proactive - Especially as their son gets older, they’d love someone who comes up with new ideas for meals, activities, music to expand his experiences.

Wallingford, Seattle// 1 child, currently 10 months old// $35/hour// approx. 25 hours/week, Monday – Friday: 8AM – 1PM (+ some date nights and travel coverage would be ideal)// guaranteed hours, paid time off// vehicle/driving not required// one dog in home// Covid vaccine required: Yes, and all other child-relevant vaccines.

Full-time Nanny in Bellevue

This South Bellevue family is seeking a full-time nanny for their 15 month old. Their daughter is a curious and happy toddler who enjoys crawling around, closing doors, crashing towers of blocks, throwing balls, and helping turn pages during story time. She has also recently started to use her push walker as she works toward walking. Their daughter also enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood and playing at nearby parks and playgrounds. The parents strive to employ a gentle parenting style and treat their daughter with respect and love while providing firm boundaries. They believe a nanny would enjoy spending time with their joyful daughter (she is very cheerful and happy). They also believe they would be fair and consistent employers who respect their nanny’s time and expertise. Their ideal nanny would be reliable and punctual, enjoy spending time with their daughter, engage her in enriching activities, feed her nutritious meals and snacks, and generally take good care of her.  They would especially appreciate a caregiver with experience helping babies/toddlers meet gross motor milestones and implementing a gentle nap training routine. They envision working with their nanny as a team and will be punctual with end times and give their nanny the space to do their job. Ideally, candidates would have a college-level degree, (preferably in early childhood education or a related field) and at least 5 years of experience as a full-time nanny (with experience caring for at least 3 different toddlers). Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry and light housekeeping related to child.

Bellevue (Newport Hills)// starting: ideally September 18th// 1 child (15 months old at start)// $30-$35/hour// 36-40 hours/week. Mondays–Thursdays, 8 AM – 5 PM (guaranteed), with the option to add up to 4 hours on a Friday based on family's need and nanny’s availability.

Benefits: guaranteed hours, paid time off, health insurance stipend ($200/month)// driving not required// Pets: two rabbits who stay in an enclosure in the living room throughout the day// Covid vaccine required: Yes, and all other child-relevant vaccines (TDAP, MMR, etc.)

Part-Time Nanny on the Eastside 


This family is seeking an energetic nanny to provide loving care for their twins. The boys are happy, active, enthusiastic, and they love to play and explore outside. They also love to read books, learn about how things work, and build things especially with legos. They love their swimming lessons and playing in the water too. The family is routine-centered and follows a consistent schedule. They typically do one or two outings each week and there are great play areas for the kids both inside the house and in the yard. Mom is an involved stay-at-home mom. While she enjoys being active and engaged with the boys, she also spends a lot of time tending to other things in and out of the house, so a nanny who excels in a team environment would be the best fit. The parents are experienced nanny employers with a history of long-term nannies. Their nannies are extremely valued team members in their family, and they communicate their appreciation frequently. They want the nanny to feel at-home and comfortable. The house is a clean and calm working environment. Their ideal nanny is organized, able to multi-task, and most importantly loves preschoolers. Someone who enjoys the outdoors and exploring the property with the kids is key. The nanny would have a pitch-in attitude, high character, and strong values. The nanny would also help prepare meals for the kids (in batches and freezing for future use). If the nanny has experience and passion for cooking/baking, the family can make the food preparation a larger part of the role (this is ideal). Mom would love help with brainstorming recipes and meals to make in batch for the kids. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s or towels laundry, light housekeeping related to children, and infrequent transportation.


Sammamish/Redmond Border (Fall City address)// Desired commitment: 1 year// 4 year old twins (4.5 y/o at start of the position)// $37-$42/hour depending on experience, qualifications, and extent of food preparation// Flexibility for 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Desired hours are 12PM-6PM. If nanny is not interested in child-related food prep, then hours would be 1PM-6PM. Start time is flexible between 12-2PM. There is potential for + additional hours if interested (either to add to the total guaranteed hours per week, or on an ad-hoc basis), to be discussed with family// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, annual salary review// driving requested infrequently and vehicle provided// no pets in home

Full-time Nanny/Household Manager in Kirkland

This busy working mom is seeking a full-time nanny/household manager. She has 2 boys. One is in middle school the other in grade school. Outside of school, the boys each take part an extra-curricular activity. The 13 year old is a talented student, a good kid, is in premier soccer and loves video games. The 9 year old loves to read, loves math, Greek mythology, loves his stuffies and loves parkour. He also loves video games. In the summer the kids would love to go on hikes, playdates, camps, outings and play outside. A typical day with the kids during the school year includes drop off/pickup at school, snacks and homework. While the boys are in school during the day, there would be household responsibilities. On the weeks the kids are not at Mom’s house, the role would focus solely on household management. Mom believes in teaching her kids good values/morals. She wants them to focus hard in school, be good people, and have active lives. Mom works a lot and is busy but also prioritizes being involved in their lives. She also travels and is away the whole week at times. Mom describes their household as an easy family, with awesome kids. They offer flexibility, and long-term outlook  (last two nannies were both employed for 5 years each). Their ideal nanny is a self-starter, someone who likes flexibility, is comfortable working independently, and likes to help a busy but quality family. Ideally the schedule would rotate based on the custody schedule. Ex. the week with the kids: 40 hours, the week without the kids: 20-30 hours. There is flexibility to do 40 hours each week if needed. Responsibilities include childcare, meal planning/preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, calendar management, errands, pet care, light housekeeping and transportation.

Kirkland (near Jaunita Bay Park)// 2 children (9 + 13 years old)// $35/hour// guaranteed hours, paid time off, healthcare stipend// driving required// one dog// Covid vaccine required: Yes.

Full-time Nanny in Seattle


Two Seattle families are seeking a full-time nanny for their sweet baby boys. They live a few miles apart, one family near Carkeek park and the other near Green Lake. They plan to share hosting (one house 2x/week, the other house 3x/week). Baby “A” is an easygoing baby. He’s chatty and loves to babble back and forth. He enjoys listening to music and exploring the world around him. He prefers hanging out on his tummy and will hang in the bouncer with music playing. Overall, the parents consider themselves very lucky with his personality and temperament. This family’s goal is to raise a healthy, happy child who has the space and confidence to safely explore the world. They describe themselves as a very caring family and will consider a nanny as part of our extended family - showing the same level of care and compassion as they would their own. They’re upfront with our expectations and communication and empathetic with sudden life changes or unexpected events. Baby “B” is also an incredibly easy-going baby, he fusses when hungry, wet, or exceptionally tired. He loves to observe things and be part of the action, but he also is happy to just be on his back and roll around with toys for a while. This family aims for a balanced approach where they can be present, positive forces in their child’s life, but also provide the boundaries and structure needed for their baby to feel safe, secure, and thrive. Their primary goal is a happy kid. They have routines, but do not strictly follow them. This family values workers’ rights and fair labor practices. They are good communicators, chill and flexible. The families encourage the nanny to participate in local activities for babies (library story times, splash pad/wading pool, park, zoo) and walks/playing outside. Their ideal nanny is someone that would help create an environment that fosters growth and development for the babies through thoughtful play, engagement, and interaction. Someone that enjoys taking part in local activities and getting outside daily is key. A nanny that is kind, calm, sensible, has a sense of humor would be the best fit. Previous experience with infant care is required. Additional education/experience is a bonus. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and transportation.


Seattle// starting last week of August// 2 children (5 months old at start)// $35-$40/hour// Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 4:30PM// guaranteed hours, paid time off, health insurance stipend// driving required (vehicle provided)// one dog (will be in separate area) in one home, three cats in other home// Covid vaccine required: Yes.

Nanny in Seattle


This NE Seattle family is seeking a nanny for their two children, who are elementary and middle school aged. Their younger child loves sports, reading, civil rights, and math. Their oldest enjoys reading, running, outdoors, school, and friends. They also take part in extracurriculars like sports, cross country, and baseball. In the summer they love to swim and go to the beach/pool, so a nanny that enjoys being outside would be great! The parents’ priority is to raise kids who are kind (and have a sense of humor!). The parents feel routine is best, however flexibility is necessary as activities and schedules change. Their ideal nanny is warm, reliable, and trustworthy. The family schedule does change, and the parents have demanding jobs. Punctuality is critical and some flexibility in the schedule is key. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, transportation, and light housekeeping related to children.


This family has flexibility for a variety of scheduling options:

Option 1: 7:15AM - 6PM

Option 2: 7:15AM - 10AM, break, 2PM- 6PM (split shift)

Option 3: 12PM - 6PM (Afternoon only)

Seattle (NE, near U Village)// starting preferably ASAP, but flexible up to an end of summer start (before back to school)// children: 2 (8 y/o + 12 y/o)// $30-$32/hour// Monday – Friday, see schedule options above// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave and health insurance stipend// driving/nanny vehicle required// one dog (15lbs)// Covid vaccine required: Yes.

Part-time Nanny in Tacoma


This Tacoma family is seeking a part-time nanny to join their crew. They have 5 children (8.5 y/o twins, 7 y/o, 5 y/o and 16 months). Their kids are fun and are easily entertained. They enjoy adults and love trying new things. There’s lots of laughter and goofy moments. The big 4 operate as a team, very close and enjoy playing and being with each other. They love their little brother and are all great with him. He is a chill, happy baby. A typical day includes free play (art, reading, legos, etc.), breakfast, camp or some other fun plan (park, scooter walk, outside play, etc.), lunch, quiet time/nap, screens or playtime during this window, back to free play or adventure (park, scooter walk, outdoor play) and then dinner. The family highly values kindness, teamwork, and honesty/trust. They enjoy fun and adventure but are also homebodies and really like to move slow to leave room for creativity and rest. Very routine with room for flexibility. They are very conversational when it comes to discipline but also outline clear “cause and effect” language with choices and consequences. They live in Proctor and are walking distance to lots of fun parks, coffee shops and activities. The kids love parks, the zoo (they have a membership), beaches, light/local hikes. During the summer 2-4 of the kiddos will be in half day summer camps and during the school year the big 4 are all in school full-time. Their ideal nanny is a fun, adventurous, energetic and positive adult who loves to play, create and help their family be set up for success with consistent rhythms, routines and values. They expect to need a nanny for the next 6-9 months. In the summer the schedule below is what they are planning for. Once school starts, they are willing to work with the nanny to maintain similar hours/pay with a possible adapted schedule with primarily the baby and kids before/after school in a consistent way. They could also accommodate a nanny that could work now until mid-September. 2+ years of experience with kids in a variety of settings is required. Mom does not currently work (on medical leave) and Dad works from home as an online teacher. Mom has some treatment stretches that involve 3-4 days of inpatient stays (just two times this summer) where they’d love for their nanny to be available for parts. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, light housekeeping and transportation.


Tacoma (Proctor)// starting ASAP// 5 children (8.5 y/o twins, 7 y/o, 5 y/o and 16 months)// $32/hour// Schedule: ideally 3 consistent days a week (either morning-afternoon or afternoon-evening)// Hours: Part-time (approx. 25hrs/week, semi flexible times with opportunities for additional hours with irregular overnight care a few times over the course of the next few months for travel and medical appts)

Benefits: guaranteed hours, paid time off// Nanny Vehicle/Driving required: yes driving required, vehicle provided// Pets: Yes, one hypoallergenic small dog (goes to Grandma’s often) and a fish// Covid vaccine: Yes, required. Mom will be severely immunocompromised, so anyone in the home must be up to date on covid vaccines, flu shots and boosters along with other vaccines (TDAP specifically).

To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Tacoma Nanny’ in the subject line.

Part-Time Household/Estate Manager in Bellevue


This empty nester household is seeking a part-time household manager for their home in Clyde Hill. They describe themselves as kind, fair, and good listeners. Their home is very organized. The homeowners travel frequently and own a vacation home out of state. They need help managing the primary residence in WA when they are not here. They would also like to spend less time dealing with vendors and being available for household maintenance appointments. Most of the time it will be necessary to come to their house. However, some remote work will be allowed during times when the household manager is doing research and/or making phone calls on their behalf. There will be periods of the year when they will be away for many weeks at a time. Sometimes they will be in the US and easy to reach. But at other times will be out of the country and in significantly different time zones. Their changing schedule could be seen as enjoyable or challenging! A candidate with flexibility is key. Their ideal household manager is: completely trustworthy, an excellent communicator, organized, and flexible. Someone with the ability to follow instructions and take direction from the homeowners but also able to take initiative to get things accomplished. 2+ years successful experience in a similar household manager position is preferred. This position has a long-term outlook. Responsibilities include: laundry, grocery shopping, housekeeping, errands, and household management.


Typical duties:

  • Manage venders coming to home for maintenance and repairs, set up appointments, supervise on site, etc.

  • Be able to research and hire new venders when needed.

  • Check home (minimum 2x weekly) for any issues when owners are out of town. Understand how to look for red flags.

  • Collect and sort mail/package deliveries when owners are out of town.

  • Change bed sheets.

  • Launder towels.

  • Light housekeeping as needed - vacuum high traffic areas, dusting, clean sinks, wipe counter tops, unload dishwasher, general tidying. House is deep cleaned every 2-4 weeks, depending on owner’s travel schedule.

  • Take out garbage and recycling from inside the house to the bins in the garage. Roll bins to/from curbside when owners are away. (FYI, there is a long, sloped driveway).

  • Grocery shopping - mainly stock fridge prior to owners returning.

Skills Required:

  • Competence in operating a home alarm system and ensuring various types of doors are properly locked.

  • Able to communicate with owners via text messaging and email. Often, owners are out of the country and in a different time zone.

  • Have a laptop or tablet for email, vender research, etc. A phone alone will not be considered sufficient for some tasks.

  • Competent in researching and hiring vendors for repairs/maintenance.

  • Comfortable with email and text messaging.

Bellevue (Clyde Hill)// starting as soon as the right fit is found, preferably mid-June// children: N/A// $42-$48/hour DOE// Approx. 10 hours per week/40 hours per month// Flexible schedule, 2-3 days per week, spaced out (not consecutive days). Days and hours may need to vary, depending on when venders need to visit the house, and when owners are in town versus out of town// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid time off// driving/employee vehicle required// no pets// Covid vaccine: Yes, and preferred that the employee obtains the yearly Covid booster// Other: household has allergies to animal hair (especially cats) and strong scents. They cannot hire someone who may bring cat hair into their home.

To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Clyde Hill HHM in the subject line

Part-time or Full-Time Nanny


This Bellevue family is seeking a nanny for their 3.5 y/o son. Their toddler is energetic, curious, likes to read books, play with cars, and play sports (soccer, basketball etc). He also enjoys playing in the backyard. He sometimes takes a nap around noon but not every day. He currently attends preschool daily. The family is expecting the birth of their baby girl in early June. There will be a post-partum doula for the baby for about 3-4 weeks after the birth, to make the transition a little easier. The parents parenting style values leading by example. The family describes themselves as a hardworking, warm, and friendly family. Their ideal nanny is someone who can have open communication with the parents and respects their parenting styles; is trustworthy and is patient with kids.  Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, and transportation.


Bellevue (Bridle Trails)// starting beginning of June// 1 child, 3.5 y/o (+ baby girl due in June)// $35-38/hour// Monday – Friday: 6 hours per day (flexible with start/end time), 9AM – 3PM, 30 hours/week. Can offer 40 hours/week if needed (9AM – 5PM), for the right candidate// Benefits: guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid Federal holidays (+ nanny’s birthday and if the nanny has child(ren), nanny’s child(ren)’s birthday(s), paid sick leave and healthcare stipend ($250-$300/month)// driving required, vehicle provided// no pets in home// Covid vaccine: required.


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Bellevue Nanny’ in the subject line

Full-Time Nanny


This Ballard family is seeking a nanny for their two children, who will be 6 months and 3 years old at the start of the position. Their toddler loves airplanes, spaceships, music, and drawing. He currently naps for about 2 hours in the afternoon and their baby is still working on her schedule. They are hoping to have their oldest in preschool starting in the Fall of 2023 and the nanny would drive him to preschool. The family will provide a vehicle to use on the job. The family is routine oriented, but also flexible if they need to deviate. They believe in helping their children thrive in becoming who they are and encourage them to express their emotions. The parents describe themselves as fun and easy-going. Their ideal nanny is friendly, happy to help, reliable, punctual, and flexible. Ideally, the nanny would also come prepared with activities to do with the toddler. The kids enjoy going for walks and going to the park, so a nanny that enjoys getting outside is best. The family would like candidates to have experience with children. They anticipate needing someone long-term. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, transportation, and light housekeeping.


Seattle (Ballard)// 2 kids (6 months old in April) and (3 y/o)// $30/hour// Monday – Friday: 8 hours per day (starting at ~8 or 9AM), 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving required, vehicle provided// one dog (female Golden Retriever)// Covid vaccine: Preferred, but not required.

PT Nanny in Bonney Lake

This Bonney Lake family is seeking a nanny for their twins, who are 4.5 years old. Their son is loving, happy and energetic. He’s adventurous to the max and loves to cuddle up with a good book or show. He loves cars, trucks, all vehicles, Paw Patrol and reading. Their daughter is a sweet, gentle, cuddle bug who’s got a side of spice to her. She loves hard and family is very important to her. She likes books, art, cars, and stuffies. Their son has Sensory Processing Disorder. They are searching for a nanny who has experience with SPD or is willing to learn. The parents would provide resources to them. A typical day includes: breakfast, a morning tv show, an activity/outing, and play time at home. They live in a great community with lots to do (Tehaleh), in a cul-de-sac with many neighbors and friends to socialize with. They have many local parks, fields and trails in the neighborhood (and even a café). They would love for the nanny to take the children for bike rides, scooter rides, or walks around the neighborhood. They have a large backyard with a swim spa, swing set, and trampoline. They are routine-centered and use positive reinforcement and redirection for discipline. Their priorities as parents are to foster kind children who feel free to explore the world around them and comfortable in expressing who they are. Their ideal nanny is gentle, loving, routine-oriented, and reliable. The kids would love someone who comes prepared with activities for them to do. Someone who will get down on the floor and play cars with their son and who will prepare an artsy craft for their daughter. Someone who is SILLY! They ask for some background in the field of education, special education, or nannying but not required. They anticipate needing someone until the Fall of 2023. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, and transportation.

Bonney Lake// starting ASAP// twins, 4.5 years old// $20-$25/hour// Monday - Friday, 9AM-12PM. If that is not enough hours, the family can offer more,15 hours+/week. Occasional date nights if possible but not required// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, driving/vehicle required// no pets in the home// Covid vaccine: not required.


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