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Full-time Nanny/Household Manager


This lovely repeat West Coast Nannies family is seeking a trustworthy, calm, punctual, and experienced nanny for their two children. The role is a combination position, with both childcare and household responsibilities, so someone that can balance and has passion for both is key. Their kids are sweet, calm, and quiet. Their oldest is in school full-time, so the nanny would assist with breakfast for the family and getting the oldest ready for and to school. Learning through play is super important to the family. Parents are based at home and will be in and out during the day, and there is also an evening nanny. Working within a team environment is a must. The core functions are to be an outstanding nanny: positive, caring, having a solid understanding of childhood development, and successful experience helping young children grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically. The parents are seeking someone who is friendly and positive with their children and has a strong interest in and understanding of childhood development. They are also organized, reliable, an effective communicator, and a self-starter who can see the needs of the household, recommend solutions as needed, and follow through to get things done. Someone that can travel with them occasionally is a bonus. They anticipate needing someone long-term, so they look forward to forming a strong bond with their nanny. Responsibilities include childcare, transportation, meal prep/cooking, laundry, household organizing tasks, grocery shopping, occasional errands, and light housekeeping.


Mercer Island// starting as soon as the right fit is found// 2 kids, 2 + 8 year old// $33-$35/hour, // Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 3:00PM, 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, health insurance reimbursement// nanny vehicle provided, excellent driving record required// no pets in the home at this time.

To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Mercer Island Nanny’ in the subject.


Full-Time Nanny/Household Assistant in Seattle


This Laurelhurst family is seeking a nanny for their two children, who are 8 and 12 years old. Their younger child loves sports, reading, civil rights, and math. Their oldest enjoys reading, running, outdoors, school, and friends. They also take part in extracurriculars like sports, cross country, and baseball. This position is a combo of childcare, and odds and ends to support the home. The parents #1 priority is to raise kids who are good citizens of the world.  They don’t prescribe to a particular parenting style, per se.  They love their kids and are lucky to have nannies that are warm and loving as well. The parents feel routine is best, however flexibility is necessary as activities and schedules change. Their ideal nanny is warm, reliable, and trustworthy. The family schedule does change, and the parents have demanding jobs. Punctuality is critical and some flexibility on time is required. Their kids are curious people who love to explore the world.  If the nanny can engage their curiosity, they will have a lot of fun together. This family is open to all experience levels. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, grocery shopping, laundry, transportation, and light housekeeping.


Seattle (Laurelhurst by UW)// starting as soon as the right fit is found// 2 children (8 + 12 y/o)// $30/hour// Monday – Friday, 35-45 hours/week, the exact schedule varies slightly. A typical day is 7:15-9:30AM, a break, then 12PM-6PM// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave and health insurance stipend// driving/nanny vehicle required// one dog (15lbs) in the home// covid vaccine required: yes


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Laurelhurst Nanny’ in the subject line.



Part-time or Full-Time Nanny


This Bellevue family is seeking a nanny for their 3.5 y/o son. Their toddler is energetic, curious, likes to read books, play with cars, and play sports (soccer, basketball etc). He also enjoys playing in the backyard. He sometimes takes a nap around noon but not every day. He currently attends preschool daily. The family is expecting the birth of their baby girl in early June. There will be a post-partum doula for the baby for about 3-4 weeks after the birth, to make the transition a little easier. The parents parenting style values leading by example. The family describes themselves as a hardworking, warm, and friendly family. Their ideal nanny is someone who can have open communication with the parents and respects their parenting styles; is trustworthy and is patient with kids.  Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, and transportation.


Bellevue (Bridle Trails)// starting beginning of June// 1 child, 3.5 y/o (+ baby girl due in June)// $35-38/hour// Monday – Friday: 6 hours per day (flexible with start/end time), 9AM – 3PM, 30 hours/week. Can offer 40 hours/week if needed (9AM – 5PM), for the right candidate// Benefits: guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid Federal holidays (+ nanny’s birthday and if the nanny has child(ren), nanny’s child(ren)’s birthday(s), paid sick leave and healthcare stipend ($250-$300/month)// driving required, vehicle provided// no pets in home// Covid vaccine: required.


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Bellevue Nanny’ in the subject line

Part-Time Nanny/Household Manager - currently pending


This new to Snoqualmie Dad is seeking a nanny for his two children, who are 8 and 11 years old. This is a unique position that combines nanny, household manager and assistance responsibilities. He is seeking supportive leadership to assist the family in daily living by creating, managing, and helping to implement a healthy home/social/scholastic life. Dad will be taking part in many of these activities with the nanny and the children, so a nanny that is comfortable and confident working alongside a parent is a must. This trio aims to have the nanny feel part of their family and form strong long-term bonds. The overarching theme/goal of this position: Dad wanting to participate without leading tasks. The underlying goal beneath all tasks and responsibilities in this role is to create ways for Dad to have a meaningful part in his children's lives. The primary goal is to remove all of the barriers to that (ie planning, coordinating, preparation etc.) so that during their time together, Dad can walk in and spend quality time with his children with someone else leading and facilitating the details. The intention is that having someone in this role will allow Dad to give all of himself to his children and stay out of the details of home planning and coordinating which does not come naturally to him. While he can complete these tasks when need be, his time with his children is best spent with him just being present with them while delegating these necessary tasks to support around him. The current schedule provides around 30-33 hours with the family, and 5-10 hours without the family working on planning/coordinating etc. for roughly 30-40 hours every other week. There is lots of opportunity for growth with this position. This position could evolve into a full-time position with the addition of personal assistance responsibility for Dad’s business (located in Seattle). He anticipates needing someone long-term.


Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating more frequent and seamless social interactions and varied extracurricular activities within the community. (Connecting with other families and cultivating/ managing endeavors that help the kids form richer social lives and a deeper sense of belonging.)

  • Researching and vetting local activities

  • Hosting outings and events: facilitating details

  • Managing social calendar and correspondence with other families, school, teams, etc.

  • Creating & actualizing better wellness/lifestyle habits

  • Helping the kids form healthy emotional regulation and communication tools

  • Leading activities that help the kids become less sedentary, increasing physical movement, making it part of their daily lives

  • Educating, inspiring, empowering kids to make mindful (healthy) eating choices

  • Keeping home life organized (packing/ getting backpacks ready/ making sure home has healthy foods for the kids/ that their clothes fit and are appropriate for weather and endeavors / tidying up messes and teaching the kids to help, etc.)

  • Household management tasks (scheduling housekeeper, handyman, receiving deliveries, stocking fridge, etc.)

  • Computer support for Dad and some tasks in downtime as needed

  • Staying on top of kids school emails / needs

  • Prep for transitions between households

  • Coordination and communication with children’s mother as needed

Endeavors may include:

  • Getting kids outside

  • Cooking with kids

  • Planning activities

  • Driving

  • Helping with school projects/homework

  • Playing games

  • Teach why we eat certain foods over others / how to fuel our bodies for energy

  • Teach, model, and encourage emotional regulation

  • Teach/model great communication skills

  • Go through school emails to stay up to date on events etc.

  • Interact amicably with the kid's mother

  • Planning a reservation for dinner (and accompanying them)


Snoqualmie// starting as soon as right fit is found (asap)// 2 kids (8 y/o girl + 11 y/o son)// $35 - $40/hour (flexibility to commensurate with experience)// schedule: (every other week) Thursday: roughly 1PM – 7PM, Friday: roughly 10AM – 7PM. Saturday and Sunday: roughly 10AM – 7PM. 30-40 hours every other week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, credit card provided for on the job expenses, health insurance, potential for 401K// nanny vehicle and driving required// pets: hamster + fish// covid vaccine: not required


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Snoqualmie Nanny’ in the subject line.






Full-Time Nanny


This Ballard family is seeking a nanny for their two children, who will be 6 months and 3 years old at the start of the position. Their toddler loves airplanes, spaceships, music, and drawing. He currently naps for about 2 hours in the afternoon and their baby is still working on her schedule. They are hoping to have their oldest in preschool starting in the Fall of 2023 and the nanny would drive him to preschool. The family will provide a vehicle to use on the job. The family is routine oriented, but also flexible if they need to deviate. They believe in helping their children thrive in becoming who they are and encourage them to express their emotions. The parents describe themselves as fun and easy-going. Their ideal nanny is friendly, happy to help, reliable, punctual, and flexible. Ideally, the nanny would also come prepared with activities to do with the toddler. The kids enjoy going for walks and going to the park, so a nanny that enjoys getting outside is best. The family would like candidates to have experience with children. They anticipate needing someone long-term. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, transportation, and light housekeeping.


Seattle (Ballard)// 2 kids (6 months old in April) and (3 y/o)// $30/hour// Monday – Friday: 8 hours per day (starting at ~8 or 9AM), 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving required, vehicle provided// one dog (female Golden Retriever)// Covid vaccine: Preferred, but not required.

PT Nanny in South Seattle


This family is seeking a part-time nanny to care for their sweet baby boy, who was born in September. He will be about 4 months old when the position starts. Their son currently follows a cycle of wake up, feed, awake time, then nap again. He is napping about 4-5 times during the day and currently sleeps well if he’s being worn/held during day. They describe their family as rhythmic and simple. They have a few must haves but are flexible on pretty much everything else. Their ideal nanny is calm and sure. Someone with a Montessori or Waldorf mindset would be ideal. They would love a nanny who is willing to take their baby on lots of walks (with the friendly dog too), and values getting outside with the baby. They anticipate needing care until Sept/Oct 2023 at minimum. This family would potentially consider a nanny who bring their own child. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep/cooking, baby’s laundry, and light housekeeping related to baby.


South Seattle (Lakeridge)// starting January 2023 (some flexibility)// 1 child, about 4 months at start// $25-$35/hour// Every Thursday, every Friday and every other Wednesday, about 9AM-5PM or 8AM - 4PM (flexible), (The family could also accommodate Wednesday - Friday every week (10 hour days if desired) or Wednesday - Friday one week and Thursday - Saturday the other week (or Thursday, Friday, Sunday). 16-30 hours/week// guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving not required// 1 dog in the home// Covid vaccine required

PT Nanny in Bonney Lake

This Bonney Lake family is seeking a nanny for their twins, who are 4.5 years old. Their son is loving, happy and energetic. He’s adventurous to the max and loves to cuddle up with a good book or show. He loves cars, trucks, all vehicles, Paw Patrol and reading. Their daughter is a sweet, gentle, cuddle bug who’s got a side of spice to her. She loves hard and family is very important to her. She likes books, art, cars, and stuffies. Their son has Sensory Processing Disorder. They are searching for a nanny who has experience with SPD or is willing to learn. The parents would provide resources to them. A typical day includes: breakfast, a morning tv show, an activity/outing, and play time at home. They live in a great community with lots to do (Tehaleh), in a cul-de-sac with many neighbors and friends to socialize with. They have many local parks, fields and trails in the neighborhood (and even a café). They would love for the nanny to take the children for bike rides, scooter rides, or walks around the neighborhood. They have a large backyard with a swim spa, swing set, and trampoline. They are routine-centered and use positive reinforcement and redirection for discipline. Their priorities as parents are to foster kind children who feel free to explore the world around them and comfortable in expressing who they are. Their ideal nanny is gentle, loving, routine-oriented, and reliable. The kids would love someone who comes prepared with activities for them to do. Someone who will get down on the floor and play cars with their son and who will prepare an artsy craft for their daughter. Someone who is SILLY! They ask for some background in the field of education, special education, or nannying but not required. They anticipate needing someone until the Fall of 2023. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, and transportation.

Bonney Lake// starting ASAP// twins, 4.5 years old// $20-$25/hour// Monday - Friday, 9AM-12PM. If that is not enough hours, the family can offer more,15 hours+/week. Occasional date nights if possible but not required// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, driving/vehicle required// no pets in the home// Covid vaccine: not required.


PT Temporary Nanny in Kirkland


This family is new to the area and without family around, Mom would love support to efficiently run their home and care for each of their children. There may be occasional travel, which would adjust the weekly hours as a result. There will be very minimal time that the nanny would have all 3 kids herself, but more likely to have one or two at a time, helping with activities throughout the day and allowing for more individualized time for each child. They have a 6 year old boy, a 3 year old girl and a 3 week old baby girl! Their oldest is a sweet-natured, helpful, kind and goofy boy. He is a compassionate rule-follower. He aims to please people and responds well to positive reinforcement. He loves Pokemon, superheroes, ninjas, gaming and tinkering/building. Their toddler is a strong-willed, feisty, ornery, coordinated, and spunky little girl. She is a hand-full, but in the best way. She requires a lot of redirection and discipline, but she does so well when kept busy and active. She loves makeup, dress up, Barbies, gymnastics, painting, and anything her big brother is doing. Their newest addition is a very easy, calm, and happy baby. She is very content almost all the time and is passionate about milk! The sports team family’s “routine” is fairly un-routine. They move frequently, travel constantly to different time zones, and that requires a lot of change to any routine they’ve able to establish in between. A typical day includes breakfast, structured play, getting ready for the day, lunch, nap time/rest time, homeschooling for the oldest (mom does this), and more play time. Evenings include dinner time, some screen time, play time, bath time and bedtime routine. Their ideal nanny is fun, kind, sweet, prepared, creative, private/discreet, and approachable. This position would offer opportunities for travel and experiences that are unique if the nanny is comfortable with doing so. The parents are both laid-back, approachable, and friendly. Overall, their family is very excited about growing a relationship with a nanny that could feel like a part of their extended family and close friends. They hope to have a nanny that feels comfortable for their children, that would care for them as if they were family and could remain close with them as the children grow. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep (lunch), transportation, and light housekeeping.


Kirkland (Rose Hill)// 3 kids// $30-$35/hour// Schedule: Monday: 10AM-1PM, Tuesday: 4PM-8PM, Wednesday: 9AM-2PM, Thursday: 12PM-5PM and Friday: 10AM-1PM, 20 hours/week// guaranteed hours, paid time off// nanny vehicle provided// no pets in the home// Covid vaccine required: no

FT Nanny/Household Manager on Mercer Island


This amazing long term West Coast Nannies family is seeking a daytime nanny to join their team! Someone who is patient, organized and has toddler experience would be the best fit. This family is experienced with employing nannies and seek to provide a comfortable working atmosphere. They want their nanny to become part of the family! Their two children (1.5 y/o + 7 y/o) are sweet, calm, quiet, and love to learn through play. Their daughter attends school during the day. A typical day includes breakfast, getting the oldest ready and off to school, laundry, a break, lunch, and naptime for youngest. The family has an evening nanny (from 2-8PM), so strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment is key. This family thrives on routine and structure, so someone adept at staying on schedule would be a good fit. The priorities for their children are socializing, making good decisions, and learning to take good care of themself/responsibilities. Mom mostly stays home with the toddler, so the nanny will be focused on household management responsibilities when the child isn’t in her care. This role is about 50% childcare and 50% household assisting, with time for breaks during the day. Someone that loves organizing and decluttering would be great! The family would prefer a nanny that is open to travelling with them on vacation. This is a long-term outlook position, as they anticipate needing a nanny for 5+ years. Ability to speak a second language fluently is highly desirable (preference for: Portuguese, Spanish, French, German). Responsibilities include childcare, transportation, meal prep/cooking (lunch and snack), household laundry, organizing, grocery shopping, family calendar management (communicating with parents and other nanny), occasional errands, and light housekeeping (cleaners come 1x week).


Mercer Island// 2 kids, 1.5 year old boy + 7.5 year old girl// $35/hour to start, salary review in 6 months// Monday – Friday: 7:00AM – 3:00PM, 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours, paid vacation (2 weeks/year to start, transitioning to 3 weeks/year after 3 years), paid holidays, paid sick leave, health insurance reimbursement// nanny vehicle provided// no pets in the home

FT Nanny on Bainbridge Island


This family is seeking a nanny for their newest addition. Their baby (born August 2022) is sweet and smiley and will be learning and growing so much in these next months/years. Right now, he loves milk and music! He naps lots during the day, and follows a wake, play, eat, sleep cycle. Their toddler is a jokester and enjoys making people laugh and smile. He also loves music and being outside, playing in the dirt. Their oldest is in Kindergarten during the day, so the nanny will primarily be caring for their baby. There will be rare days when the nanny will also need to help out with the 5 year old if he is home from school and the parents are not able to take the day off to help with him. During the summer, they would love it if the nanny can take care of both kids. The parents believe in "whole brain" children. They see it as important to explain things to their toddler, let him try to do things for himself and give room to make mistakes and grow, while also setting clear limits. They strive to always be kind, understanding and above all else loving. They believe in lots of hugs and kisses and telling each other they love one another multiple times a day. Their ideal nanny is very patient, kind and has experience with infants. Someone who can give direction to a very mature young boy while maintaining a calm demeanor is key. They want someone who will love their kids unconditionally and help them grow, through play-based activities. Someone who will be engaged with the baby including activities such as reading to him, doing tummy time, playing with his toys, etc. A nanny who is open to traveling with mom when she needs to travel for work is a plus (ex. destinations: NY, LA, possible overseas). Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep (light snack prep/heating up food or bottles), children’s laundry, and light housekeeping (related to the children only).


Bainbridge Island// starting January 4th, 2023// 2 boys: 5 years old + 4 month old (at start)// $37/hour// Monday – Thursday: 7:30AM – 3:45PM, about 32/33 hours/week// guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle required// one dog in the home


To apply for this position, send your resume to

Mention ‘Bainbridge Nanny’ in the subject.

PT Nanny in Woodinville


This family of four is seeking a part-time nanny for their two girls, who are 3 and 5 years old. Their oldest is very studious and curious – enjoys reading and doing crafts. The youngest enjoys dramatic play and being read to. The girls enjoy being active. They are generally happy and easygoing kids. Their toddler naps daily between 12:30PM and 3PM. Both girls attend Montessori school close to their home (pickup times vary). They also attend swim and gymnastics classes. A typical day will include school pickup for their youngest at 11:45AM, lunch, nap time. Then school pickup for their oldest at 3:30PM, then maybe a trip to a playground/outing or one of their activities. Then dinner and bedtime routine. The family is routine focused, and they try to not deviate too much or with too much frequency, but they also place a high value on their socialization and will sometimes prioritize their play dates and activities over keeping the strict schedule. The parents align with a lot of the philosophy of Positive Discipline, so a nanny’s familiarity/openness to learning about this method would be a plus. The girls are sweet and kind and generally respectful of adults. They are playful and love almost any activity. The parents are easygoing and prefer a low stress home. They’re looking for a valued, trusted partner and not just an employee, and the nanny can expect to be treated with kindness and respect. Their ideal nanny is calm, patient, active and fun. The girls would love someone to read to them, push them on the swings or play with them. They would be responsible and punctual for taking girls to activities or picking up from school. It is also important that the nanny and mom get along and feel comfortable with each other, as mom may be in the home often while the nanny is working. Responsibilities include childcare, child meal prep, transportation to activities, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping related to child.


Woodinville// starting as soon as the right fit is found// 2 girls, 3 + 5 y/o// up to $35/hour, DOE// type of coverage: part-time, date nights, possible occasional overnights// 2 days/week, schedule TBD – Tuesdays plus either Monday or Wednesday, about 11AM – 7PM, plus additional hours as needed// guaranteed hours, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving required// no pets in the home// covid vaccine required: no

PT Nanny/Household Assistant in Seattle

An active family of four is seeking a nanny/household assistant. They seek a nanny that is kind, positive, helpful, reliable and enjoys engaging with their boys. Someone that likes to be organized and likes to cook would be ideal. This family values open communication, job satisfaction, punctuality, and a healthy lifestyle. Their approach to parenting is routine centered, kind but firm, leading by example. Their oldest son enjoys guitar and basketball. Their youngest likes gymnastics and playing the cello. Duties would include: meal prep, driving boys to activities, grocery shopping, children’s laundry, general household tidying and transportation to school and activities. A vehicle is provided for the nanny to use while on the job. This family is seeking to form a meaningful employment relationship for a long-term scenario. Their current nanny has been with them since 2019 and is moving in the Fall. Responsibilities include: childcare, meal prep, transportation to school and activities, grocery shopping, children’s laundry, light housekeeping, occasional errands (ex. picking up and dropping off library books, post office, dry cleaning).


Windermere (close to University of Washington)// 2 boys, 12 + 14 y/o// $33-35/hour// Schedule: 

Tuesday: 7AM-7PM OR 7AM-10AM + 2-7PM, Wednesday: 7AM-7PM OR 7AM-10AM + 2-7PM, Friday 7AM-9AM// guaranteed hours, paid vacation (the family takes at least 4 weeks per year, covered by GH), paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving required, vehicle provided// one small dog in the home// covid vaccine not required

Temporary PT Nanny in Sammamish


This lovely repeat West Coast Nannies family is seeking an experienced and loving part-time nanny now that they’re back in town. They have four sweet kids, ages 5 years old, 3 years old and 9 month old twins. Mom works at home for a non-profit and Dad is a professional athlete. Their parenting style is all about nurturing their children. They enjoy being very hands on, playing with the children and providing learning opportunities for the kids. The family values manners, their faith, sharing, and being kind to others. They view anyone they welcome into their home as family, especially those who are helping take care of their kids! Their older son and daughter love to play together. They run around the house together all day making up silly games and playing with their things. They are both very sweet and loving kids. Their daughter loves crafts and son loves any physical activity. The twins are incredibly easygoing. They play well with each other and their little toys. They love to cruise around in their walkers and are starting to crawl. They also eat and nap great. All of the kids love to be outside, and they all love to be read to. Their ideal nanny is patient, loving, compassionate, and kind. Someone who is easygoing and can handle the chaotic times with ease. Someone who works hard and will take direction but also do things without having to be asked. Evenings include hanging out, dinner, maybe a walk, bath time, bedtime, and cleaning up. Some nights Mom will go out to games (with or without the big kids). Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping.


Sammamish// Start Date: ASAP// End date: end of January// 4 children// $35-$40/hour// Tuesday – Friday, 4PM – 8:30PM + either Saturday OR Sunday: 3PM – 8:30PM// 23.5 hours/week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid time off// driving/vehicle not required// one French bulldog in the home

FT Nanny in Federal Way

A family of three is seeking a full-time nanny for their sweet three month old baby girl.

Their daughter truly is a happy and pretty easy baby who loves naps (is a great sleeper) and is content with self-play time on her mat or in the bouncer and swing.  They currently follow a 3 hour feed/wake/sleep cycle. She’s about to go through so many developmental stages over the next year and their nanny will be able to be a part of that. Her parents are both very loving and involved, but their jobs are often demanding. They’re looking forward to a nanny being able to step in to give their baby that love and care throughout the day. The family’s ideal nanny has worked with infants before and has some knowledge/experience with developmental stages. This family is open to a nanny bringing their own child. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, child’s laundry and light housekeeping related to baby.


Federal Way (Redondo Beach)// September (exact date TBD)// 1 girl, 3 months old// $28 - $30/hour// Monday – Friday. The family can offer anywhere from 32-40 hours/week, depending on nanny’s desires. The family is open to discussing what will work best for daily schedule (ex. 8AM-4PM or 9AM-5PM etc.)// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle preferred// no pets in the home// covid vaccine required

FT Household Manager (with light Nanny responsibilities) in Fall City

This busy mom is seeking a stellar household manager to assist in managing the daily running of their household. They live in a large home, in a peaceful setting in Fall City (about 20 mins from Redmond). Someone experienced in household management would be the best fit for this family. While this position is household manager focused, there are some child related responsibilities, including transportation to/from school, getting them snacks after school and communicating their homework status to Mom (she will assist with HW when home). The kids are currently in two different schools. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday would involve driving the kids to school in the morning. Monday-Thursday would include picking up the kids from school. Mom occasionally works from her upstairs office, but most often goes into the office. Their ideal candidate is someone that can both be very organized and very flexible. They can look ahead and see what groceries need to be re-stocked, and take something out of the freezer so there is food for dinner if Mom forgets to ask them. They can manage all the household services, knowing what maintenance needs to be done at what time of year. They can have a great sense of humor and be supportive of the boys and understand if the boys are pre-teens/teens and only sporadically want to engage with them. They can take pride in helping to run an effective, happy and efficient household. They can take change in their stride and think up ideas for what else could be done. If there was flexibility for very occasional travel coverage (no more than a couple of nights 2-3 times / year) that would be a bonus, but isn’t required. Responsibilities include: laundry, light housekeeping/picking up, cat care, dinner/snack prep, groceries and kid assistance. There is a bi-weekly cleaning service in place and regular maintenance services (ex. landscaping).


Fall City// starting when right fit is found// 3 boys: twin 12 year olds + 14 year old// $34+/hour DOE// 40 hours/week, Monday & Tuesday: 7AM-4:30PM, with hour lunch break, Wednesday: 9.30AM -6:30PM, with hour lunch break (could also start later with less break), Thursday – 8:30AM-4:30PM with hour lunch break, Friday: flexible (ex. 10/11AM to 4:30PM)// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, healthcare stipend// nanny vehicle required// 3 cats in the home// covid vaccine required: yes


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