Full-Time Nanny in Maple Valley


These parents are seeking a nanny for their two girls, ages 6 years old and 17 months old. The family values routine and follows a gentle parenting style. They enforce boundries but like to use a collaborative problem solving approach rather than traditional discipline. Their ultimate parenting goal is to have kids who are kind, happy, and caring towards others. The family REALLY values their nannies. The parents believe that their nanny has the most important job in the household! They have had good relationships with past nannies and treat them like family. Their oldest is enthusiastic, sweet, affectionate, and loves being a big sister. Loves swimming, animals, reading to her little sister. Their youngest is funny, mischievous, and joyful. Loves the park, being read to, playing with blocks and puzzles. Their 6 year old has mild special needs, but no behavioral issues. She is verbal, loving, and affectionate. She goes to full time kindergarten. Past nannies and teachers have really loved her- described her as “magical” and “a bright light.” Their ideal nanny is calm, patient, experienced, flexible, dependable, warm, loving, great with the children. Takes initiative to help with things around the house where feasible but main focus is on the kids. The number one thing that they hope for is someone who is trustworthy and loves their kids. Prefer prior professional nannying experience. Experience with special needs and/or food allergies is a plus. This family would consider a nanny that brings their own child to work for the right fit. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, light housekeeping related to children and transportation.

Maple Valley// starting ASAP// 2 children// $28-$30/hour// 4 weekdays per week, 10 hr shifts (8AM-6PM). One weekday off per week, variable day// 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours per month, taxes withheld, PTO// nanny vehicle/driving required// no pets in the home// vaccine required: prefer candidates to be vaccinated for Covid, but open to discussion


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Part-Time Short-Term Nanny in West Seattle

 A family in West Seattle is looking for a nanny for their 11 month old girl. Dad plays for a local sports team, so this position will be short-term (with the potential to extend if mutually desired). Their daughter is a curious, active, and busy baby. She is playful and giggly, and a very happy, sweet little girl! She has been crawling since 7 months and seems close to walking now. She has two naps per day, totaling 3-4 hours. Their ideal nanny would be active, attentive, caring, and have experience with babies. Their nanny would be creative with different activities for their baby, adventurous to complement their unique lifestyle, and have similar values when it comes to the importance of preparing clean, healthy food for their baby/future children. They are a young family who feel a nanny would hopefully really enjoy spending time with! As their family grows, their nanny needs will also grow. If all works well, the nanny could be a part of their family, and eventually travel with them, for a long time. Commitment: minimum 6 months and open to long-term. Flexibility with schedule is key for this family. They want to make sure to find a system that works for both parties and are certainly open to talking through options! Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, light housekeeping related to child and transportation.


West Seattle// starting in June// 1 child, 11 months old// $30-$35/hour// approx. 15-20 hours/week, 2-5 days a week in the afternoon/evenings, the days will fluctuate but bi-weekly hours will be consistent (schedule will be planned in advance)// guaranteed hours per month, taxes withheld, PTO// nanny vehicle/driving required// one Bernadoodle dog in the home// covid vaccine required: no  

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Full-Time Short-Term Nanny in Redmond 


This family is looking for a nanny for their 28 month old son. He is very rambunctious and has a lot of energy.  His favorite activities are playing with a ball (especially basketball and tennis) and going on the swings at the park.  When not focused on playing, he’s very chatty and is starting to put together ~5 word sentences. He loves being read to. Some activities he loves are: going to the library, KidsQuest, or the zoo, playing tennis in the cul de sac, walking to one of the two local parks or the elementary school playground, drawing with crayons or driveway chalk, playing in the sandbox or water table, and singing songs. If the nanny was comfortable it would also be great if she could take him places like the zoo to walk around or different parks to vary what he sees a bit.  He also enjoys just playing in the yard and going for walks. The family gives the nanny a lot of latitude to choose and plan what to do with their son during the day and are always happy to listen to any suggestions or advice the nanny may have. Their ideal nanny is someone who has the energy to keep up with him and is willing to play with him, has empathy to help support and guide him as they try to get him more comfortable around other people (like other children at the park), and who has the initiative to come up with ideas and plan activities. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry (helpful, but not required), light housekeeping related to child and transportation. This position would probably be 6 – 9 months long, depending on daycare waitlist.


Redmond// starting ASAP// 1 child, 28 months old// $25 - $30/hour// Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM or Monday – Friday, 9AM – 1:30PM, 40 hours/week// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle or family vehicle to use on the job// no pets in the home// covid vaccine required: yes


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Mention ‘Redmond Nanny’ in the subject.

Full-Time Household Manager (with light Nanny responsibilities) in Fall City

This busy mom is seeking a stellar household manager to assist in managing the daily running of their household. They live in a large home, in a peaceful setting in Fall City (about 20 mins from Redmond). Someone experienced in household management would be the best fit for this family. While this position is household manager focused, there are some child related responsibilities, including transportation to/from school, getting them snacks after school and communicating their homework status to Mom (she will assist with HW when home). The kids are currently in two different schools. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday would involve driving the kids to school in the morning. Monday-Thursday would include picking up the kids from school. Mom occasionally works from her upstairs office, but most often goes into the office. Their ideal candidate is someone that can both be very organized and very flexible. They can look ahead and see what groceries need to be re-stocked, and take something out of the freezer so there is food for dinner if Mom forgets to ask them. They can manage all the household services, knowing what maintenance needs to be done at what time of year. They can have a great sense of humor and be supportive of the boys and understand if the boys are pre-teens/teens and only sporadically want to engage with them. They can take pride in helping to run an effective, happy and efficient household. They can take change in their stride and think up ideas for what else could be done. If there was flexibility for very occasional travel coverage (no more than a couple of nights 2-3 times / year) that would be a bonus, but isn’t required. Responsibilities include: laundry, light housekeeping/picking up, cat care, dinner/snack prep, groceries and kid assistance. There is a bi-weekly cleaning service in place and regular maintenance services (ex. landscaping).


Fall City// starting ideally mid-end of May/when right fit is found// 3 boys: twin 12 year olds + 14 year old// $34+/hour DOE// 40 hours/week, Monday & Tuesday: 7AM-4:30PM, with hour lunch break, Wednesday: 9.30AM -6:30PM, with hour lunch break (could also start later with less break), Thursday – 8:30AM-4:30PM with hour lunch break, Friday: flexible (ex. 10/11AM to 4:30PM)// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, healthcare stipend// nanny vehicle required// 3 cats in the home// covid vaccine required: yes


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Mention ‘Fall City Household Manager in the subject.




Full-Time Nanny in Sammamish


This Sammamish family is seeking a full-time nanny for their 6 month old daughter. She is a smiley and active baby who likes human interaction and is fascinated by nature. She currently takes 2-3 naps per day and her sleep and play schedules are based on age-appropriate wake windows and child’s energy levels. Outdoor time would include taking the baby for a walk or playing outside in the backyard. Their home has lot of light, plants and a small garden, which will be fun to spend time in during the warm/sunny days. Their ideal nanny is an experienced childcare professional who is naturally good with kids, enjoys interacting with babies and can make one smile and giggle. Patience, compassion, and attention to detail (ability recognize baby’s cues and act on them timely tend to baby’s needs) is also key. Someone that loves nature and animals would be great. One year + of experience working with babies under 1 year old is required for this position. Someone with a bachelor level degree or higher (any discipline, childcare/ early education preferred) is nice to have, but not required. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping related to children.

Sammamish// starting May 2nd// 1 child, 6 months old// $30/hour// 40 hours/week, Monday – Friday, 8AM – 4PM// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// no driving required// no pets in home// covid vaccine required: no

Part-Time Assistant in Seattle

This busy, single professional is seeking a part-time assistant to help manage her household in North Beacon Hill and her mother’s household in Leschi. They anticipate needing 12-16 hours/week of help. There is flexibility to choose what days/schedule, although they would prefer 1 longer day with 2 shorter days per week. The women are fun to talk to, Mom is a good companion, the dog is adorable, and everyone has a great sense of humor. This position offers autonomy and a nice diversity of tasks.

North Beacon Hill & Leschi (homes are about 1 mile apart)// starting soon as they find the right person// 6-month contract, with option to renew if mutual desired// $35+/hour DOE// approx. 12-16 hours/week, 3 days/week (flexible on start/end times/days)// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving required// 1 dog (lab), 2 cats

Part-Time Short-Term Nanny in Issaquah


A family in Issaquah is looking for a nanny for their 8 month old. Dad plays for a local sports team, so this position will be short-term while they’re in town. Their daughter is changing every single month, right now she is learning to crawl, is almost always happy and smiling at everyone around her. She loves to be kept busy and entertained and loves being outside and on the go. She naps daily (2, 2-hour naps). The days are flexible, but mostly consist of playtime, walks in the stroller or playing at the park. Their ideal nanny is someone who will be present to care for their daughter’s needs and is flexible with scheduling. They would like this person to either have experience with their own children, or experience as a nanny with a child under 1 year old. The family is potentially open to a nanny that brings their own kiddo to work. Responsibilities include: childcare and child meal prep.

Issaquah// April 19th or ASAP after// 1 child, 8 months old// $30-$35/hour// 12-16 hours/week, flexible, ideally 4 days a week for 3-4 hours in the late afternoons/date nights (Open to discussing this)// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, PTO// nanny vehicle/driving required// one small dog in the home

Full-Time Nanny in Duvall

This sweet family in Duvall is seeking a full-time nanny for their son, who just turned two years old. He is a kind, smart, active, and sometimes shy little boy.  He loves to dance, help out and loves activities like cooking and “cleaning”.  He is really interested in cars and trucks right now and loves being outside (walks, playground, literally anything outside). He naps daily for two hours and has a good routine. They plan on enrolling him in pre-school once he’s three. Outdoor activities could include playing outside, walking in the neighborhood, going to the playground, small hikes, and outings to places like the zoo. The family will be welcoming twins in June (one boy and one girl). There will be maternity and parental leave once the twins are here, so nanny will not be responsible for all three children. The family is looking forward to welcoming a nanny into their family. They value developing a personal relationship with the person taking care of their children. They really want their nanny to feel valued and as much a part of the family as they are comfortable being.  They want their nanny to feel supported and recognized for the role they will play in their family. The family values quality time as a family. They like to joke, laugh, and be silly. Their ideal nanny would consider childcare as their profession and would have prior professional experience caring for multiple children.  They would love to find someone who they can develop both a personal and working relationship with. Someone loving, warm, patient, silly, and be willing to adapt with them as their children develop would be the best fit. Nanny must have COVID vaccine and booster, and be up to date on all other vaccines, including flu shots and Tdap. Note from the parents: We know that it may be daunting to accept a position caring for 3 children but wanted to make it clear that a lot of the time the nanny will not be responsible for all 3 children simultaneously.  Through November/December at least one parent will be home to aid with childcare and after that period the toddler will be starting pre-school.  Additionally, we both have very flexible work schedules that may allow for more hands on deck during the week when needed. Schedule: March – June (twins birth): 8AM-4/5PM, Monday - Friday.  After the twins are born, 8AM-4PM, Monday - Friday (may need less time since both parents will be home but will still pay guaranteed FT hours).  After Mom returns to work, the days and hours are a little unknown, but they expect there to be a lot of flexibility to create a schedule that works well for everyone. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, transportation, and light housekeeping related to children.

Duvall// starting ASAP: mid-late March/when right fit is found// 1 child: 2 years old// $28-$35/hour// 40 hours/week, Monday - Friday// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// nanny vehicle required to get to work/on the job vehicle required// one friendly 25lb dog

Full-Time Nanny in Ballard


A family of three (and small pup) is looking for a part-time nanny for their 2 year old daughter. She is very eager to explore right now and is becoming more and more independent. She really enjoys outdoor time, going on walks, and running at the park. Their daughter is somewhat shy around new folks, thoughtful, generous, caring, and sometimes quite sensitive. Her current favorite activities around the house are painting, arranging items, and putting them in containers, practicing or learning new tasks like feeding the dog or sweeping the floor, having books read to her, climbing, running, playing in sensory bins and with playdough. Outings could include going on walks, going to the zoo, or to a park (like Discovery park). The family describes themselves as good natured, creative, and friendly. They enjoy healthy food, arts, and creating a supportive, happy and secure environment for their daughter. They are genuinely open to learning from their nanny and will appreciate a unique perspective. They care about the expertise and ideas that their nanny has, and one of the main things they value in a nanny is somebody who can bring new perspective, ideas, and culture into their home. Their ideal nanny is kind, caring and trustworthy. They are proactive, communicates actively and clearly, sets expectations, and meets them, and is reliable. Someone that takes initiative and finds fun activities and projects to do with their daughter is ideal. They would love someone who is upbeat and cheerful. It would be fun to bring more music and dancing into their house. The parents both have art backgrounds and encourage arts and crafts and creative projects. A candidate with educational experience is a bonus, particularly Montessori. The parents are looking forward to having a second child in the future, so the nanny’s responsibilities could transition to help with the new addition while the oldest is in a half/full day Montessori program. This family is COVID cautious and is looking for someone that shares similar views. (ex. small and simple bubble, extremely aligned on COVID protocols and acceptable risks). They are looking forward to having their daughter socialize more and would love it if their nanny had a small network of other nannies they know and trust to be safe with COVID, to have playdates with. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, transportation, light housekeeping related to child.


Ballard, Seattle// starting as soon as they find the right person, and they are available (ideally within the next 3-4 weeks)// 1 girl, 2 years old

Wage: $34-36/hour// 40 hours/week, Monday – Friday, between 8AM – 5PM, family would love coverage for a date night periodically as well, and someone open to overnights/travel// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, monthly health care stipend ($300/month)// driving required// small dog in home


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