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Finding the best possible match for your family is our top priority!

Each step in the process is carefully and thoughtfully completed.


We are pleased to offer individualized and time efficient nanny placement services, by working with only a handful of clients at a time. 

A Happy Family


We first meet with you for an initial consultation. This allows us to find out more about your unique family. We use this opprtunity to learn more about your family dynamic and see what would suit your family best.

Jumping on the Bed


After learning more about your family and your specific needs, we will create a job description. This includes the role of your employee - do you need childcare, household help, or a bit of both and a description of the job responsibilities. This detailed job description helps to attract the most suitable candidates. 

Family Unwrapping


We will recruit the best candidates for your family. After a preliminary interview by our agency, we will send you a carefully selected group of candidates that are a match to your position. We will further interview, reference check and begin to background screen the top candidates. 

Red Head Baby


Once you decide on the best candidate, we will prepare and facilitate a formal job offer, and present it to the candidate. If the candidate accepts the job offer, we will prepare all necessary documents for the hiring process. 

Girl with Pink Lollipop


All along the way, we are here for you! You can call us with questions, concerns and get the support you need throughout the entire process. It doesn't end once you hire a great employee! We are available for on-going support and service. This may include providing advice or referrals to both your family and your nanny. 

Included in placement fee:


  • Initial consultation with placement director, Nicola

  • Personalized job description

  • Posting of job ad on numerous networks, WCN website and relevant social media sites

  • Recruitment of candidates

  • Interview & pre-screening of candidates

  • Complete background screening + driving record for your chosen candidate

  • All necessary documents & contracts (formal job offer, work agreement, medical/dental release, waiver to transport, emergency information form, waiver to administer medication, non-disclosure agreement, and cell phone/social media policy)

  • Agency completes the job offer and work agreement for you

  • On-going support 

  • Replacement policy

Please note: A candidate may be referred to you at any stage in the screening process, although job offers are dependent on a background screening pass.  

Replacement Policy: Happy families, and happy nannies are our top priority! West Coast Nannies has a replacement policy. We will conduct a new search to replace a nanny if your family is not completely satisfied. 


Ready to get going?  

p: 253.245.8538  


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