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PEPS Groups

Having a baby is such an existing, joyous and rewarding time of life. On the flip side, it can be very challenging and isolating. Connecting with other parents in your area is a great way to find support and make new friends with others in the same boat as you! One wonderful resource for groups like this is Seattle PEPS.

"The PEPS experience strengthens families, increases family wellness, and prepares families to cope with life stresses by creating social, thriving neighborhood-based parent groups."

PEPS Groups:

  • Newborn

  • Second Time Around

  • Little Peppers

  • Baby Peppers

  • PEPS Network Groups

Other Programs:

  • Adjusting to Parenthood

  • While You're Waiting

  • PEPS for Dads

  • PEPS Parent Talk Lecture Series

  • PEPS for Grandparents

I have had the pleasure of guest speaking at a few PEPS meetings this past year. I love getting involved in the community, chatting with parents, and meeting cute babies! Topics covered include: nanny employment, nanny shares, types of childcare in Seattle, interviewing, contracts, payroll, taxes, and lots of Q&A.

Nicola Church, the Director of West Coast Nannies is available to guest speak at PEPS groups throughout the Seattle area. There is no fee for this guest speaking/group consulting.

To learn more about PEPS, and to sign up, visit them here.

Are you a family looking for an amazing nanny nanny? Interested in consulting services with our nanny agency? Contact West Coast Nannies Placement Agency in Seattle to see how we can help! Our nanny agency serves: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Renton, Newcastle and more!

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