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Craft of the Week: Paper Snowflakes

The holidays are coming! This is such a magical time of the year, isn't it?! This weekend, the kids and I got started decorating for Christmas by making some paper snowflakes. We are going to hang them in the window this weekend. Check out the directions below!

  1. Start With a square piece of paper.

  2. Fold in half diagonally.

  3. Fold in half again.

  4. Fold one third.

  5. Fold again.

  6. Cut the "top" off at an angle.

  7. Cut out little designs on each side.

When done, unfold your snowflake.

Just like the real ones, each is unique!

We bought some white and light blue yarn, and cut in a variety of lengths. Then, we taped the string to each snowflake and will hang in the window.

Happy Crafting!

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