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Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great activity for children and adults to partake in together. Especially after the holidays! It's a fun way to help children take part in a healthy activity. It can be utilized by nannies, daycare teachers, parents and caregivers, and you need very minimal supplies. There are great free videos online and a yoga mat is optional. When I was a teacher, I often utilized yoga poses and stretches during transitions, to help wind down for rest time, or to help the younger children wake up peacefully after nap time.

Now, it's a fun and healthy family activity that our family loves to do at home. The length of the activity can be modified to make it age appropriate, and it's a perfect activity to help little ones develop gross motor skills. The great thing is that kids of all ages love trying these poses! It's fun to see how they refine their movement skills, and improve their poses with regular yoga.

Pinterest is a great resource to find a variety of poses. We also checked out a Yoga DVD from the public library for our at-home yoga sessions. We love lining up our yoga mats in the family room and following the Yoga DVD instructions. We also love attending our local yoga studio on weekends (when we have time) for the Child + Parent drop in yoga class - sooo fun! Check out studios near you!

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