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Holiday Theme Sensory Bottles

We love making sensory bottles at home, so we decided to switch up our Fall bottles and create a holiday theme. Both my 13 month old and 7 year old love playing with them, so they're a hit all around. I also find the glitter bottle relaxing to watch as well!

I bought all the supplies (except for the bottles) at Dollar Tree. The Voss bottle are available in most stores or online.


- gold bells

- white rice

- holiday erasers (this pack has Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer and Santa)

- water

- clear liquid school glue

- gold glitter (we used two sizes)


Bell Shaker Bottle: Add the gold bells to the bottle and screw the cap on tightly.

Glitter Bottle: Add the glue to the bottle and fill with warm water. Make sure to fill with water right to the top to prevent bubbles. Add the gold glitter and shake to combine. The more glue you add, the more swirls you get. We tend to do about 2/3 of a regular bottle.

Hide + Seek Bottle: Add rice to the bottle so it's about 1/3 full and then add the erasers.

I hadn't had an issue with the kiddos taking the caps off, so I leave as is so we can re-use the bottles, but you can also glue them shut or use tape to seal them up.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays from West Coast Nannies!

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