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Springtime Craft

Now that we are all staying home, I've enjoyed doing more crafts with my kids. Some days it's just me giving them paper and crayons while I work and others we get to spend more time doing something bigger. This week we worked on making a Spring theme banner for the window. We made a sun, some flowers and a few colorful rainbows!

Here's what we used:

- construction paper

- muffin cups

- popsicle sticks

- mini pom poms

- glitter glue

- glue

- cut up squares of construction paper

- sequins

- paint

To hang the banner:

- string

- clothespins



- cut out any flower shape you like (we just free handed)

- glue on a muffin cup liner

- glue on the stick as a stem


- cut out rainbow shape

- paint rainbow with all the colors you like

- let dry

- decorate with glitter, sequins, pom poms, squares etc.

- let dry again


- cut out a sun shape

- decorate how you like

When you're all done, hang your banner!

I love the bright pops of colors it gives the room!

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