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DIY Resin Letters, Numbers + Shapes

I've been seeing gorgeous resin letters and numbers all over Instagram lately. I love how versatile they are for home learning and activities. Since I wanted a set of letters, numbers and shapes I decided to try to DIY instead of purchasing them. If you do prefer to purchase, there are a ton of sets to choose from on Etsy.


- Alphabet Mold + extras

- Cookie sheet or other flat sturdy surface to hold mold

- Glitter, confetti, etc.

- Measuring cups, stir sticks, gloves + mixing container

I was able to make two sets of shapes, one set of alphabet and two sets of numbers with these supplies. I definitely plan to make more with some fun themes (Christmas, Valentine's, stars, etc.)


First, make sure to protect your workspace! I used a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to set the mold on top off. That way I was able to move the mold to a drying area without wiggling it. Measure out equal parts of the two resin sides, then pour into a mixing container. Make sure it's completely equal using the disposable measuring cups. One of my sets didn't cure because it was a tad off. Stir this slowly for 3-5 minutes, making sure to scrape the sides. Then, pour into your mold! If you are adding glitter or confetti you can add it to the mixing container, or your can just set in the molds either before or after you pour the resin. Each way created a slightly different look. I used leaves, confetti, glitter and flake glitter. If you get air bubbles in the mold, use a toothpick, stir stick or spoon to pop them. You can also use a lighter and hold close to the bubble until it pops (I found this method the most effective). Once done, move to an area to dry until cured.

So far we've used them for letter recognition (for our preschool letter of the week), sensory bin number hunts, simple math, letter matching with our alphabet Gathre mat and name recognition.

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