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Imperfect Foods Review - With Promo Code!

Who loves making meal prep and cooking easier? Me too! As a working parent, anything I can do to reduce the time organizing feeding my family of 5 is a win in my books. I've seen ads for Imperfect Produce for the last year or so and my friend recently raved about her order. It was the push I needed to try it out myself. It's easy to review your order online and you can also add extra items to your box. I kept most of what was automatically added for my family size and choose some extras based on this weeks meal plan. I love that it's delivered straight to my door!

Here's what I got in my box this week (for $42.50!):

Apples, Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Celery, Fennel, Kale, Mini Sweet Peppers, Organic Arugula, Organic Kiwis, Mandarins, Grapefruit, Whole Milk Ricotta, Organic Sour Cream, Organic Plant-Based Vanilla Rice Pudding, Organic Avocados, Sprouted Whole Grain Kale & Spinach Wraps, Organic Cilantro, Conventional Cantaloupe, Organic Green Beans, Organic Banana Nubbins, and Upcycled Chocolate Chip Cookies.

*** Want a $51 value in free groceries ($25 + free shipping off your first order, and $25 off your second order)? Use the link below! ***

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A simple and affordable fee structure, with placement fees that are some of the lowest in the industry

Personalized and focused attention, as we only work with a handful of families at a time

Nanny & Household Recruitment

Background check + driving record report for your chosen candidate

One on one consulting

Nanny training opportunities

On-going support to nannies & families

Excellent resources, tools and referrals for other services within our community

Extended hours and days - we are open weekends and evenings

Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful placements between nannies and families.

We look forward to speaking with you to see how we can meet your family's needs.

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