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Red Cross Babysitters Course

Did you know that the American Red Cross offers a babysitters course?

I remember taking a babysitter's course way back when I was about 11 years old. From then on I started regularly babysitting in the neighborhood. I eventually progressed to nannying part-time and full-time. All those years of babysitting for family and friends was great practice for my nanny years. My oldest is almost 10 years old and she is SUCH a great helper with her younger siblings. This weekend I surprised her with an online babysitter's course through the American Red Cross, and let me tell you she was SO excited. She's still too young to be left home alone with her younger brothers, but she loves to "babysit" them while I do work in the garden or things around the house. The online program is really easy to follow and there's additional classes you can take as the babysitters gets older. The Red Cross also a great option for your nanny to take or renew her CPR/First Aid certification. A current certification is a requirement for all nannies placed through West Coast Nannies.

Here is a link to their course options. Stay safe!

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