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Thanksgiving Craft

Happy November!

Now that it's November, I'm thinking about Thanksgiving (ok, and Christmas too). With that, comes delicious food, festive decorations and fun crafts.

Here is an adorable Thanksgiving craft for kids:


- paper plates

- scissors

- brown paint

- googly eyes

- glue

- construction paper (red, yellow, orange)


1. Paint two paper plates brown, and cut one of the paper plates into a smaller circle which will be used for the head of the turkey.

2. After your paint has dried, glue it onto your larger brown  paper plate and attach everything for the face.

3. Add some handprints around the top of the turkey for the feathers. Have your child trace his or her hand and cut them out. A total of 6 handprints is good. Then glue them onto the back of the paper plate.

4. To finish your turkey you can cut out little feet from yellow construction paper and glue that to the bottom of your paper plate.

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