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The Safety Tool You Need!

There's one safety tool that I think everyone should have in the car - a tool to smash windows and cut seatbelts in an emergency. There's a long windy road right along the icy lake on the way to my parents house and it always freaks me out thinking about how there have been vehicles to go sliding off the road into the lake. While these things don't happen often, they do - so it's best to be prepared, especially when you have kids in your car. Even without being in the water, there are other times where people had had to smash out a window or cut seatbelts. You can buy an Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer Tool on Amazon here. Make sure to put one in each of your family's vehicles and secure it in your vehicle. If you are in a car accident with your kids, unless you think there is a risk or fire or other immediate threat, the best practice is to leave your children in their car seats until emergency services can check your kids out. If needed, you can cut the seatbelt securing the car seat.

Some other items I keep in the car:

  • water bottles

  • change of clothes for kiddos

  • diaper changing station (wipes, diapers, pull ups, blanket, etc.)

  • bag full of snacks

  • doggy bags (useful for many many things)

  • travel potty seat

  • flashlight

  • first aid kit

  • big blanket

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