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Hi nannies & caregivers!

Take a look at our current open positions...

Nanny Needed in Seattle

Are you an active, energetic and creative nanny?! This family is looking for you! Their two boys are both active and creative. They love to get outside and run - the more activities the better. An ideal day for them might include: running, digging, playing in the sprinkler or on a slip and slide, a hike, or doing art projects. A nanny that truly loves to be outside, even when it’s rainy would be the best fit for this family. They The playground, walking trails and the lake are just a 5 minute walk away, plus they have a great backyard. The family describes their household as fun, easy-going and active. Care is primarily for the 20 month old as big brother goes to school. During the summer weeks when he’s not at camp or when he comes home early, care would be for both boys. Overall, someone punctual, playful, fun, energetic and active, who can get the boys moving would be the best fit for this family. They are open to all experience levels, and a bilingual nanny would be a bonus! Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping.

Seattle (Mt.Baker neighborhood)// starting in May, but family has flexibility// 2 boys, 20 months and 5 years old// $22-$24/hour// 40 hours a week minimum, typically more. General timing is 8am – 5pm or 8:30am-4:30pm, M-F, would like a nanny that has some flexibility (ex. 9am-6pm one day)// Monday – Friday// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving not required// no pets in home

Nanny for Baby Boy

This family is seeking a nanny to care for their sweet 4 month old baby boy. He is very observant and getting more physical and interactive each day. Currently, he follows a 3-3.5 hour schedule once up for the day (wake up, change diaper, feed, play/learn/read, nap, repeat). The parent’s priority is his health, well-being, and safety. They aim to provide a loving, no-drama, supportive learning environment. As he gets older, they look forward to the nanny’s teamwork in helping set boundaries, growth and development needs. Good exposure to the outdoors from a very early age is very important the parents. They currently do daily 1-2 hour walks with him. Someone who is active and wants to get outside daily with the baby is key. This would be a great position for a nanny who loves babies and wants to stay with a family for a long time. They have a very well-lit home with a big yard that overlooks Carkeek Park. An ideal nanny for this family is someone with plenty of experience with infants + toddlers. Favorable traits include: communicative, trustworthy, honest, caring, flexibility, team player, resilient and a sense of humor. Nanny must agree to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible, if not vaccinated already, as well as adherence to all other public health COVID-19 guidelines (e.g. mask utilization, hand washing, etc.) Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, light housekeeping, occasional transportation, and occasional personal assistance.

North Seattle (Carkeek Park)// starting May 5th, May 10th - or sooner// 1 child, currently 4 months old// $23-$28/hour// 35-40 hours/week: 3 days a week 7am - 5pm (Monday/Tuesday/Thursday); 2 days a week 7am - 12pm (Wednesday/Friday)// Over time (once baby sleeps through the night), these hours would likely shift to a later start time and/or longer days Weds &/or Fri. They need a nanny who is open to this flexibility// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, salary review// driving/nanny vehicle required// one cat in home

Nanny Needed for Twin Toddlers

This family is seeking a nanny team to provide loving care for their twins. The boys are happy, active, energetic toddlers who love to play and explore outside. They also love to read books, learn about how things work, and do art projects. They currently nap about 1.5/2 hours per day. In the fall they will start preschool 2 days a week in the mornings. The family is routine-centered and follow a consistent schedule. They typically do one or two outings each week (ex. toddler class, park/playground) and there are great play areas for the kids both inside the house and in the yard. The family is seeking coverage Monday – Sunday and there is flexibility for how this could break down within the nanny team. Mom is an involved stay-at-home mom. She enjoys being active and engaged with the boys while also tending to other things around the house and running errands, so a nanny that excels in a team environment would be the best fit. Their nannies are extremely valued team members in the family, and they want the nanny to feel at-home and comfortable in their house. The best personality fit will be someone who thrives in an organized and clean environment. Their ideal nanny is someone who loves toddlers/preschoolers, loves to help them grow and learn and is passionate about early childhood development. She would enjoy the outdoors and exploring the property with the kids. She would have a pitch-in attitude, would help prepare meals for the kids and would brainstorm new foods for them to try., and would plan fun activities and crafts for the kids. She would know how to provide positive loving discipline to toddlers while setting clear and consistent boundaries for them. Responsibilities include: childcare, child meal prep, children’s laundry, and light housekeeping.

Sammamish/Redmond Border (Fall City address)// starting May 24th, or ASAP after that// 2 year old twins// $30-$35/hour for full-time long-term nanny, $25-$30 for short-term summer nanny// Hours would be within 8am – 6pm. For the summer (May 24th - August 31st) it would be 7 days a week Mon – Sun), 8 to 10 hour days, up to 40 hours per week per person. In September it would be 5 days a week (Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat), 8 to 10 hour days, up to 40 hours per week per person// guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// driving not required, Mom would typically drive on outings// no pets in the home

Part-Time Nanny in North Seattle

A family with two young boys is looking for an experienced and professional nanny for 2 boys aged 1 and 3.5 years. Their eldest is in preschool. The family would love to find a nanny that has experience teaching. Someone with 2+ years of experience and education orientated and would be the best fit. Someone with an education degree and/or strong general knowledge of history, geography, literature (preference if knowledge is relevant to the worldwide African diaspora) would be a big plus. They seek a nanny with a a strong sense of community, and encourage them to share their cultural experiences. Ideal personal traits are: honesty, proactive mindset, caring, highly-responsible, self-organized, disciplined, and reliable.

Seattle// Start Date: ASAP// 2 boys, 1+ 3 years old// $25-$30/hour DOE// 2 days per week Sunday (day or evening) + Tuesday (5pm until kids are asleep) // guaranteed hours, taxes withheld, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave// family can provide vehicle to use on the job// pets in the home: dog

Are you looking for a nanny in Seattle? West Coast Nannies is your local nanny placement agency. We are a full service boutique staffing agency serving the Greater Seattle Area. Our agency will help you find the perfect fit for your family. We care about our clients and our nannies, and strive to provide successful and meaningful matches. We place part-time nannies, full-time nannies, educators, household managers and more. To see how we can help you family, contact us today.


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