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West Coast Nannies - Educator Placements

Educator Placement With the implementation of remote learning education for the 2020/2021 school year across most school districts in the Greater Seattle Area, many families are seeking assistance from an educator to help support their child's learning. Are you looking for a homeschool teacher, preschool teacher, remote education teacher, POD teacher or tutor? West Coast Nannies is pleased to offer educator placement services for your household's needs. Registration fee: $300 Educator placement fee: 9% of educator's gross annual earnings Included in placement fee:

  • Initial consultation with placement director, Nicola

  • Personalized job description

  • Posting of job ad on numerous networks, WCN website and relevant social media sites

  • Recruitment of candidates

  • Interview & pre-screening of candidates

  • Complete background screening for your chosen candidate

  • All necessary documents & contracts (formal job offer, work agreement, medical/dental release, waiver to transport, emergency information form, waiver to administer medication, non-disclosure agreement, and cell phone/social media policy)

  • Agency completes the job offer and work agreement for you

  • On-going support 

Ready to get going?   p: 253.245.8538   e:

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