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Craft of the Week - Felt Christmas Tree

The holidays are in full swing! That means that many of us have put our Christmas trees and decorations up. For those of you will young kiddos, the decorations on the tree are very tempting to pull down, over and over again. This easy craft allows kiddos to (hopefully) be distracted enough by their own kid friendly tree, that they leave the big one alone.

Craft: Felt Christmas Tree


  • Green Felt

  • Colored Felt for Ornaments

  • Scissors

  • Double Sided Poster Tape (or 3M command strips)

  • hot glue sticks & hot glue gun

  • chalk or marker


  • draw the outline of a tree in chalk (of marker), then cut out

  • cut out various "decorations" (stars, bulbs, balls, gift tags, ect.)

  • make some "presents" out of felt too

  • tape the tree to the wall (low enough for your child to reach the top)

  • place all the decorations and presents in a bin (we used a Christmas cookie tin)

  • sit back, and let the kiddos decorate!

Have fun!

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