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A Worthy Cause: Carry the Future

Are you looking for a worthy cause to get involved with this holiday season?

Carry the Future is a volunteer group of people united from all across the globe, with one common goal: to help. It all started when a California mom wanted to help provide relief to the refugee families that are traveling on foot with young children. She desired to give these travelers a baby carrier to help their journey. She started an Indiegogo campaign, and overnight it went viral. She was able to quickly surpass her goal, and donations around the world began flowing!

Many Seattle nannies and families enjoy taking part in philanthropic work. It's a great way to encourage your children to be kind and caring. Use this donation experience as a teachable moment to teach your child about current events around the world, in a age appropriate way.

Ways you can help:

- donate your gently used carrier

- start a carrier drive in your community

- ask for a carrier donation in lieu of a gift this Christmas

- make a monetary donation

Please take a look at their Facebook page for more information:

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